Wanted: Creative Strategist

Posted on February 7, 2018


At Vertical, we bring together large enterprises and early stage companies to develop solutions for business problems. There’s more to gain by working together than going it alone!

We carefully select the best start-up talents, and support them to fine-tune their fresh new ideas, perspectives and products. Connecting start-ups with forward-thinking enterprises means they can put their product and service offerings to use exactly where it’s needed. By combining the best of both worlds, we build the future together.

We’re not a start-up accelerator. Nor are we a traditional business consultancy. We strive for improvement through addition. That’s why we’ve created a new term for what we are: the world’s first business augmentor. We make business better by adding to it.

The Creative Strategist reports to the Director of Services (tba)

You will work at the intersection of business, industry and marketing to capture and communicate the value of our clients to potential start-up partners. You have a flair for identifying and presenting the strengths and qualities of your client, to a specific audience across a variety of channels. You will work with our various big-brand partners, first to understand their unique needs and opportunities, and then to design and implement tailored marketing strategies to reach the most suitable start-ups in our network. Creativity and flexibility are vital in this role, as each client will have a different story to tell, with specific marketing channels to use, and different budgets and deadlines to work within. You’re involved every step of the way, from the initial research and idea conception, through the strategy design and execution, to the follow-up and subsequent adjustments.

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Research as necessary to thoroughly understand the client brands, their particular niche and their competitors
  • Produce reports on market research results and other research areas
  • Develop comprehensive social media strategies to increase visibility and traffic
  • Coordinate clients and other stakeholders to deliver campaigns and promotional events
  • Follow client directions and incorporate feedback (that is, be adaptable and flexible with your work!)
  • Use your creativity to stick within client constraints for budget, timelines and media channels
  • Lead brainstorming sessions and strategy workshops with clients
  • Analyze marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic, etc) to shape future marketing campaigns
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of international and domestic trends in digital, consumer and technology markets — always be learning!
  • Create and fine-tune company and sales presentations for specific client cases

These are our needs and general expectations, but when you join the team, we would follow your lead on how to actually achieve all this — after all, you're the professional in these matters!

Applicant guidelines

  • thorough experience in relevant field (eg, digital business, marketing, media, public relations & communication)
  • portfolio showing your leadership of successful creative campaigns
  • ability to communicate your concepts clearly with people who aren’t in your field (eg senior business executives)
  • ability to set and reach key project milestones, to show success and progress
  • familiarity with agency-style work environment that requires dealing with client expectations, within timeframe and budget
  • ability to manage client expectations, be tactful and proactive
  • experience with or keen interest in start-up culture
  • strong copy-writing skills
  • enjoy using English daily with our multicultural team and clients
  • enjoy working with cross-functional teams

Our roots are from Finland, so Finnish and/or Swedish language would be a plus.

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We are at Maria 01, 5th floor. Find us.

If you have questions:

Sébastien Gianelli

CEO, co-founder
+358 44 555 9866

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