Wanted: Office & People Manager

Posted on February 7, 2018


At Vertical, we bring together large enterprises and early stage companies to develop solutions for business problems. There’s more to gain by working together than going it alone!

We carefully select the best start-up talents, and support them to fine-tune their fresh new ideas, perspectives and products. Connecting start-ups with forward-thinking enterprises means they can put their product and service offerings to use exactly where it’s needed. By combining the best of both worlds, we build the future together.

We’re not a start-up accelerator. Nor are we a traditional business consultancy. We strive for improvement through addition. That’s why we’ve created a new term for what we are: the world’s first business augmentor. We make business better by adding to it.

The Office & People Manager reports to the CEO.

You are the glue that holds us all together. You’re a bit of an all-rounder in the office, but in particular you have keen organizational skills as well as strong people skills. You’re a friend to the staff and a support for the company. A typical week can see you tackling all kinds of tasks, from keeping the office running smoothly, developing the strategy for company development. You’re the primary contact for office visitors, as well as our vendors, suppliers and other partners. You maintain a supportive and healthy working environment for the whole office, and you’re first in line to solve any kind of issue that arises.

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Manage staff calendars and resources to keep everything running smoothly
  • Support a friendly and open office environment by making sure all staff are heard, and that management is up-to-date with staff issues
  • Plan and carry out events for staff and the community
  • Work with management and CEO on company development and strategy
  • Manage office practicalities, including materials, equipment, and maintenance
  • Maintain healthy relationships with vendors, service providers and other suppliers
  • Lead internal projects such as company culture development, meetings, personal development plans, and task documentation
  • Support the accounting team with light financial tasks, such as managing office cashflow and ensuring that incoming invoices are received and paid on time
  • Support staff by researching and implementing development plans, and setting personal targets to bring out the best in everyone
  • Manage recruitment and induction of new staff
  • Provide general support to office visitors

These are our needs and general expectations, but when you join the team, we would follow your lead on how to actually achieve all this — after all, you're the professional in these matters!

Applicant guidelines

  • thorough experience in relevant field (eg, office management, customer service, admin)
  • enjoy using English daily with our multicultural team and clients
  • enjoy working with cross-functional teams

Our roots are from Finland, so Finnish and/or Swedish language would be a plus.

Apply here!!


We are at Maria 01, 5th floor. Find us.

If you have questions:

Sébastien Gianelli

CEO, co-founder
+358 44 555 9866

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