Vertical Announces Appointment of New CEO, Sébastien Gianelli

At Vertical, we are very excited to announce the appointment of Sébastien Gianelli as Vertical’s new CEO with immediate effect.

Gianelli has until now acted as our Head of Portfolio and has been part of the founding team since 2015. Gianelli is also one of the co-founders and Chairman of the Finnish health & wellness ecosystem – HealthSPA. Prior to Vertical, Sébastien worked as the lead for the Scandinavian operations and HR functions at Fjord, a service design consultancy creating digital services, as well as also the Head of Operations at Koru.

“We are very happy with the appointment of Sébastien.” – says Paolo Borella, ex-CEO of Vertical.- “Sébastien has all the skills and drive necessary to drive forward the development of our new Augmentor promise, focused on bringing even more value to the collaboration between corporates and startups.”

The appointment comes as Paolo Borella will be taking a new role in our organization focusing on the development of a new business in Vertical. Borella will start in his new role on March 2018.

“2017 was without any doubt a very exciting year for us”- continues Borella. ” Last year, we grew on many fronts. Our new office at Maria 0-1 opened in the autumn. We evolved our vision, strategy, and brand. We’ve continued our work with big brands like Samsung, and started cooperations with many new, like Folkhälsan and Pfizer, to name a few. We have also employed three new team members to strengthen our capability to deliver transformation, and we defined a new category term for our work: Business Augmentation. This base gives me the confidence to hand over to Sébastien and I am confident that he will do a great work in driving our company’s development.”

“I am very excited about this new role”- adds Gianelli. -” I am certain that 2018 is going to be another fantastic year for our company and I am looking forward to starting to work on our new approach.”

Vertical makes businesses better by adding innovative Startups to the equation. We’re not a Startup accelerator. Nor are we a traditional business consultancy. We look at improvement via addition. That’s why we’ve created a new term for what we are, the world’s first Business Augmentor.

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