Ari Tulla


Co-founder and CEOBetterDoctor

During years of family health struggles, Ari Tulla began to see major flaws in the US healthcare system. He realized it was easy to find information about specific diseases and illnesses online, but there wasn’t a way for consumers to find the right doctor who treats these illnesses. His frustration with the system and belief that he could build a solution prompted Tulla to co-found BetterDoctor in 2011 with his friend and Nokia colleague Tapio Tolvanen.
BetterDoctor is a data company that powers the US healthcare market with accurate and validated doctor data. BetterDoctor collects information from all the 1,000,000 US doctors and makes this data available to the healthcare ecosystem from health insurance companies to consumer apps. Since the inception BetterDoctor data has helped tens of millions of patients find the right care. Today thousands of developers use BetterDoctor data and APIs to build better solutions that impact millions of patients each month.
Prior to BetterDoctor, Ari led Nokia’s game and application businesses where he was responsible for creation of thousands of mobile apps with over 100 million downloads. Ari has over a decade of experience on creating new delightful consumer products and experiences.In his free time, you can find Ari on Northern California’s steep cliffs, powdery slopes, big waves or on Twitter @umbar and @BetterDoctor