Here at Vertical, we are excited about supporting brilliant ideas and brilliant people who make a  change in the world. There is nothing better, but uplifting startups who are transforming society with the help of innovation and technology. That is why we have started showcasing founders from startups we’ve worked with. Meet our first hero.

Name: Georgiy Tokunov

Startup name: Intelligence and Innovation Science aka IISCI

Country: Russia, services in Croatia, pilots in Finland

Employees: 14

Product/service: Rehab physiotherapy/Clinical tests based on Motion analyses and AI (post-stroke, after spinal cord surgery, cerebral palsy, trauma)


Why you do what you do? How the idea of making a solution for people with limited mobility & cognition came to your mind?

Spent years in motion capture biomechanical analyses of high-level athletes in preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. Found that some special real-time visual illusions based on AI motion predictions can change motion patterns and establish new neural links in the motor cortex. Applied it in spacewalks preparations of astronauts and athlete training and transferred this experience to the medical staff. I found out that people after surgeries are lacking access to that high level of technology and decided to make it more available for everyone to use


How IISCI is different from the competition, what makes you special?

We are experts in AI, Motion analysis, biomechanics and medicine driven not only in a product itself but also in solving a large societal problem


What are you up to? What’s next for IISCI?

Spreading our core technology to professional skills improvement field. Expanding to areas where we need accurate and precise motions.


How was your time in Vertical? What was the most valuable? What did you enjoy the most?

So much experience and new connections. Customers and pilots – most valuable. Support of the Vertical team.


What piece of advice/wisdom would you share with those who want to make an impact in the world, real the changemakers of tomorrow?

#persistence and #focus


We are seeking startups solving global societal challenges through technology. Here at Vertical, we are all about supporting brilliant ideas and brilliant people to change the world. Our core focus is in areas where technology can improve the quality of people’s lives in the most significant ways, such as wellbeing, health, safety at home and at work, and closing the gap when it comes to accessibility and diversity. We are offering startups a tailor-made part-time program for validating their product/solution, making their service offering more compelling, strengthening go-to-market strategy with a help of Samsung technology, as well as developing a demo with Samsung.

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