5 European Health Startups that You Should Know

That Europe is experiencing a boom in the medtech and digital health industry is not a secret. From North to South and East to West, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to focus their efforts in this industry. The boom of the health industry is also supported by the historically highest level of investments into this space.

Here are five European health startups that you should know and that are be part of Vertical Collaboration Program spring 2018, which aims to bring new value-adding solutions to market through multidisciplinary co-creation between startups and enterprises, solving substantial challenges in healthcare and wellbeing.

Supported by Samsung, Pfizer, Folkhälsan, the program is aiming not only in wide commercialisation of startup solutions, but also provide a better health care, prevention or rehabilitation to people around the world and make it more accessible.

Popit (Finland)

Helsinki-based Popit wants you to stop worrying about whether you took or not that pill.

The company founded in 2016, has developed a smart pill tracker that automatically detects when pills are “popped” from their blister packs and sends that information directly to your phone via Bluetooth. Users can access insights, statistics as well as preventing double-dosing thanks to smart alarms. In addition, health professionals are also able to a cloud service that supports treatment by analyzing the efficiency of medication consumption.

Last year the company conducted a pilot project together with Kuopio Hospital focusing on the birth-pill and last August closed its first funding round raising 1.2 m EUR.

SidekickHealth (Iceland)

Founded by two doctors, Tryggvi Thorgeirsson and Sæmundur Oddsson, the company offers a gamified health behavior change service for providers and employers to help predict, prevent and manage lifestyle-related conditions. The platform uses behavioral economics, artificial intelligence and evidence-based guidelines to encourage users to make healthier choices and reduce their risk factors for chronic diseases.

With offices in Reykjavík and Palo Alto, the team is looking to expand further in the Nordics.

Cosinuss (Germany)

Munich-based Cosinuss has developed at all-in-one ear sensor device tracking continuously vital signs including heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels to lista few. The data is analyzed in the device by the company’s smart algorithm and combined with established medical knowledge base to provide individual health insights.

The company founded by Johannes and Greta Kreuzer has gained several international awards and was recently selected to meet NASA funded Translational Research Institute to explore opportunities in space health solutions.

Domalys (France)

Domalys provides smart solutions and products for elderly and people in vulnerable situations to health and care professionals.

The company employs currently a team of 15, has worked with several hospitals and elderly-care organizations in the past and now is looking at the Nordics for expansion.

Gonio VR (Denmark)

Copenhagen-based Gonio VR has developed a physiotherapeutic virtual reality rehabilitation tool allowing among other benefits precise pain measurements of patients experiencing joint pain. The tool provides a collaborative engagement, uniting a healthcare professional, caregiver, patient and patient family member to monitor and track their progress.

The startup was founded in 2016 by physical therapist Jesper Aggergaard and technologist Ege Jespersen.

Heimo (Finland)

Helsinki-based Heimo is an anonymous & safe online community for life challenges where people can help each other. The startup uses crowdsourcing and peer-to-peer model to solve the problem of mental health issues by allowing ordinary people to get support and help one another emotionally without shame and or lost of dignity.

Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Helsinki and Japan and was selected as one of the Top 5 Best Social Impact Startups in the Nordics in 2016 by Nordic Startup Awards.

greenTEG (Switzerland)

greenTEG develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensing solutions for applications in Med-Tech, Wearable, Photonics, Building Physics, Industrial Automation, and R&D. The company already generates substantial revenue. To accelerate the next growth cycle of the venture, greenTEG is currently actively seeking funding for the commercial scaling of its continuous and non-invasive core body temperature sensing solution in Med-Tech and Wearable applications.

Founded in 2009 by Wulf Glatz, Etienne Schwyter, and Lukas Durrer as spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), the company currently employs 15 people.

The main supporter of Vertical is Samsung.

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