Varian Calls for Data-Driven Solutions for Radiation Therapy

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Varian is calling for partners able to enhance radiology treatment with data-driven solutions.

Varian has been closely following the rapid evolution of AI and ML  in application to oncology. We have a firm foot in radiation treatment planning and delivery and with your help want to encompass wider range of treatment-related services. Your products and algorithms can become building blocks in the treatment platform of tomorrow.

We will be glad to see applicants in the wide range of data-driven approach in radiation therapy treatment planning. The aim of your solution may be related to improving the efficacy of current radiation therapy treatment planning, or to combine radiation therapy to other cancer treatment modalities. For example, cancer diagnostics such as machine categorization, treatment personalization, and outcome prediction are only a few of such angles. As our partner, you get to benefit from our experience in radiation oncology machines and connections to over 5000 customer clinics.

Varian is a global leader in developing and delivering radiation therapy solutions. Our focus is on creating a world without fear of cancer.

Key Dates

21 October, 2019
Public Call Open

Oct-Dec, 2019
Face to Face Meetings

December, 2019
Program Wrap-up

Radiation Treatment Planning Platform

Helping different cancer care specialist to efficiently provide consistently high-quality cancer care is a major challenge in a world with increasing cancer burden.  At the same time, there is a demand to support more complex treatments with the increased variation of quality assurance tools.

The data-driven approach would allow automatizing many of the tasks. Either by streamlining existing processes, of providing new alternative approaches. As an example radiomics features would potentially allow uncovering disease characteristics that fail to be appreciated by the naked eye.

At Varian, we believe our unique focus on products and services that span the cancer care continuum places us in an ideal position to be an integrated solutions provider driving the progress of cancer care for the next 30 years and beyond.

Personalized Therapy

People react differently to the same treatment. Cancer type mutation and personal genome affect the way the therapy outcomes. New imaging services keep appearing on the market. Treatment outcomes and survival rate can be impacted heavily by the seamless integration of the decision support, new monitoring methods and therapy planning.

Providing more detailed information on treatment outcome would allow more accurate RT treatment and better integration of different treatment modalities. A better understanding of the biological impact of radiation will also improve the quality of treatment planning.

We are looking for you

Alternative Imagery

We are calling for the solutions in ML-powered image processing for alternative imagery. In particular, augmenting CT images with spatial information from other imaging modalities would improve further ML-based approach to support decision making or automatize the currently laborious tasks such as organ and treatment volume segmentation.


Combining imagery analysis with other available data streams is yet another area of our interest. The transformative potential of this method can lead to discovering previously unnoticed treatment parameters.


Attention to patients genetics is at the forefront of radiation treatment innovation. Recent discoveries made it evident that some types of cancer treatment can benefit from the aspect of personalization based on clustering of the genetic variation. We are looking for groundbreaking solutions to integrate with our platform.

Platform automation

Automation of treatment planning assists not only with improving the patient outcomes but also with optimizing the use of the clinical equipment. We are calling for AI and ML solutions in radiation therapy that benefit the platform as a whole and may improve the clinical processes based on data.

Quality assurance

Various QA tools could be used to reduce the risk of suboptimal treatment. The ML-based approach can be used at any step of the treatment planning process, either to monitor the performance of other ML-driven processes or to find out human errors.


Sasha Kazantsev

Scouting Lead
Vertical, Senior Augmentation Designer



Esa Kuusela

PM for Applied Research
Varian Medical Systems Finland



Varian Medical Systems’ vision is a world without fear of cancer. To meet this challenge, we equip the world with new tools for fighting cancer. As Varian continues to grow, our staff of approximately 6,500 employees in 70 sales and support offices around the globe is developing innovative, cost-effective solutions that help make the world a healthier place.
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