Four women solving the challenge of eating right. That’s Miils, the online meal planner.

“We all know that eating well is important. And we also know that planning and cooking diverse, tasty and healthy dishes requires quite a bit of time and effort,” Elena Oat (right in the picture) from Miils says.

That’s why people usually resort to good old recipes, that have been tried and tested. “But do we actually know that we get enough of that fiber or calcium? We cannot know, unless we sit down and count them carefully while glancing over the long sheet of ingredients and macro- and micronutrients,” Oat explains.

“Technology tells us, though, that this can be done much faster and more efficiently. Most importantly, it must be a tad more appealing!” Oat says.

The Miils meal planner aims at solving this. “You can drag-and-drop your preferred meals or ingredients to planner and get an immediate picture of how well would this fill you nutritiously,” Oat tells. “ You may  also browse through our database of foods, recipes, meals and weekly meal plans to get inspired by other people’s creations.”

The team is also in the process of building smart suggestions, which will help users to switch to nutrition richer meal options. “We will only suggest those meals, that you actually love and value. These will also be suitable for you dietary restrictions or diets that you’ve told us about when registering,” Oat says.

Team of ambitious women

“We are working on a product that we believe will change people’s habits. That is, people will become much more aware of what they eat, and as a result, will feel more alive and energetic,” Oat explains.

Katja Ratamäki (left in the picture) has a PhD in Technology Management and has fallen in love with programming while building Miils. Elena Oat is completing her Master’s Degree in Mobile Computing at Aalto University and recognizes in herself, besides the passion for technology, real interest in entrepreneurship.

Ratamäki and Oat are behind the technical implementation of Miils. They met through Helsinki PyLadies, a group of women who code in Python, that was founded couple of years ago by Oat.

Jinyi Su is Miils’ talented designer. She has a Master’s in Design from Rovaniemi University and she loves arts and design and has a strong passion for music.

Fanny Lee is a registered dietitian who is currently doing her Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the San Diego State University. Fanny is passionate about food, cooking and rock climbing.

Miils applied for Vertical Fall 2015 Batch last summer and started in the program in August. “We decided to apply to Vertical to get advice from experienced professionals on how to grow our business,” Oat tells.

“We also highly value the network that we are being introduced to. The atmosphere here at Vertical is motivational and upbringing – you are surrounded by a bunch of focused and driven people, so who would wonder.”