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Vertical helped VTT researchers pinpoint focus areas within circular fashion where startups are working on potential disruptions. We found teams globally and facilitated 10 partnership kick-off meetings between VTT and startups.


We call for joint material development for co-creation of prototypes and a plan of scaling to market in the future. There are two main challenge streams you can support today: protein-based fibers and mycelium leather. For these projects, VTT brings top scientists and technology experts in biotechnology to work with the external partners.


Together with the VTT team, we clarified the structure of the project and its aim. VTT was aiming at finding partners for joint material development for co-creation of prototypes and a plan of scaling to market in the future. The objective of the project was to meet the most promising actors in the field and initiate conversations about possible joint projects.

The objectives for VTT were twofold: the researchers wanted to meet innovators who are active in the fashion industry and learn from them, while at the same time there was a high interest to see innovative solutions that are at the forefront of the tech and are only aiming to disrupt the market.

We have helped VTT team to identify two main challenge streams that innovators could support: protein-based fibers and mycelium leather. We have made sure to compose a clear offer for the call applicants, promising access to the ecosystem, partnership for funding call, and visibility in the joint promotion. You can see the public call that has been the project introduction for the external ecosystem.

On top of compiling the call attractive to future innovators, Vertical suggested engaging Synbio Powerhouse in this call as a co-pilot for startup reviews, in order to provide the startups with additional motivation in partnering for research.


VTT experts have kicked-off partnership negotiations with 10 companies in circular fashion and alternative leather technologies.

VTT and SynBio Powerhouse have added teams that they have met into their immediate ecosystem. Several teams have expanded their collaboration with VTT in the state-funded initiatives like WaWe, and some team will apply with VTT for extended research and development funding.

longlisted startups relevant to cancer treatment solutions were reached by Vertical
startup proposals have come into partnership pipeline
partnership kick-off meetings took place in between VTT and the startups

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