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People are at the center of everything

We combine deep design skills with wide industry understanding across all disciplines of the Health and Digital spaces.
More than MVP’s, at Vertical accelerator we help turn concepts into minimum meaningful products fit for market, appealing to customers and delightful to users.

At Vertical our goal is to get you to another pace of development, to help you find who the user is, to develop the product and find the right go-to-market channels. This usually means getting you to the point where you have a product impressive enough to secure your first paid customers and can start to scale your business.


4 months acceleration program

Our four month program will ignite your digital health, wellness and sport startup.

The program is focused on growth and scalability, with design & user experience, distribution & customer acquisition, and lean startup practices and metrics. In short, we help you build and validate your product and find distribution partners for growth.

We hand-picked an international team of over 200 mentors including brand and communication designs specialists, marketing & operations executives, medical experts, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angel investors. They’ll provide your team day-to-day mentoring and the best network out there.


6 months co-working space

As a Vertical startup you get to work at our co-working space in the Maria 0-1, in Helsinki downtown. Maria 0-1 is to be the biggest startup -co-working space in the Nordics, bustling with innovation and new tech of Finland. The co-working space offers your team modern working facilities, and a buzzing digital health 7 tech community.

We organize interesting and international healthtech events monthly, and have international investors and guests in the space almost every day.


Industry leading partners

With our industry leading partner companies we offer startups direct access to industry insight, cutting edge technology and global market outreach. You’ll get to build your product with our partners, work head to head with Samsung R&D people, and brainstorm with Sonera healthcare team.

Our partners are the best in their fields and share your interest to bring life changing products to the market. You will benefit from their international market knowledge and customer base, and receive invaluable coaching.

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We love all digital startups, and this year we’re especially keen to find teams innovating in:

Remote healthcare and diagnostics
Remote healthcare and diagnostics
Self managed health & wellness
Self managed health & wellness
Occupational health solutions
Occupational health solutions
Psychology & Psychiatric care
Psychology & Psychiatric care

Our partners have special platforms and programs in these fields, and will be opening them for Vertical startups. These include Samsung S Health APIs & workshops, as well as involvement of other key partners, such one of the biggest food companies Fazer & the biggest hospital in the Nordics – HUS – The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.


Up to 150,000€ seed investment

At the end of the program we invest up to €150,000 in the most promising startups that participated in the Vertical program. The acceleration program is free for you as a startup, but we withhold the right to a first right for refusal for making an investment into your company.

We provide relocation grant of €2500 to some of the startups.


It takes only a few steps to ignite

Our ideal candidates are young, ambitious teams who have put passion into developing a product that will change people’s lives and health for the better. We seek to work together with entrepreneurs that have a proven concept requiring support to reach growth and scalability.

The teams will be selected over two rounds. The first is an application on the site. The application closes on May 14th. After that we will schedule Skype calls with TOP 50 startups from the list. After that we will invite TOP 25 startups to two intensive Selection Days in our headquarters in Helsinki. Selection Days will take place on June 20 & June 21st. During the Selection Days startups will have intensive 1-on-1 meetings with our mentors, friends from the investment and industry circles. By the end of June you will know  if you could join the program. The program starts on August 28.

If you like what you see and find yourself wondering whether you could be the next, go ahead and pitch your great product to us!

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Have questions? Check out the FAQ or get in touch directly!

What can I expect from the 4 months in the program?

We are part of your team. We don’t just advise you, we work with you shoulder to shoulder each and every day to build successful stories. At Vertical our goal is to get you to launch your idea to the world. This usually means to get you to the point you have built something impressive enough to get your first paid customers and start to scale your business. Together, with our team, partners and mentors, we will brainstorm, plan, design, sell, and if needed start all over again with you – we share your passion to build companies

What is the role of the partners of Vertical?

Our partners are an integral part of the Vertical accelerator program. In fact, their curiosity prompts us to look at specific trends and requirements. In other words we work together with them to find and select the most promising companies to revolutionize healthcare together. Our program has been designed to facilitate such collaboration from day one. We can promise you a unique and direct access to these industry leaders.

Who are your partners?

Our corporate partners are various industry leaders across the value chain. They  will interoperate and connect to redefine and provide tomorrow’s healthcare solutions together with our startups.

Latest technologies from various domains of expertise are converging to disrupt traditional healthcare. Tomorrow’s healthcare innovations will be built on a foundation of several competences. We are providing a new way to accelerate innovation where industry expertise and lean startups are blended. Each of our partners brings a unique access to technology, market insights, distribution and beyond to our portfolio companies. In that respect, expect more large companies to join us soon.

Who are your mentors?

Our mentors are medical experts, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors or other professionals to provide you with the best experience, help and network out there.

Do you also invest cash?

Yes, we invest up to 150 000€ in the most promising companies taking part of our program.

Do startups locate physically at Vertical?

Yes, as a part of the program we offer free office space in our newly renovated facilities in Helsinki city centre. We expect your team to relocated to Helsinki for the duration of the program to fully leverage the opportunity. Our partners provide you with the latest tools and technologies for you to build your success.

Do you cover relocation cost?

We provide relocation cost in the amount of 2500€ to some of the teams, from these attending final Selection Days.

What kind of startups are you looking for?

We’re looking for early-stage companies that are solving real problems in healthcare and people’s wellbeing. We select companies based on the team, idea, business model and the potential to disrupt global industries. We try to assess the founders’ ability to interact and benefit from interactions with our partners, mentors and community. Our partners are our biggest asset, eager to work with innovative entrepreneurs so we look for teams that have synergies with their requirements. Ultimately we look for companies that have strong potential for collaboration with one or more of them, companies that can benefit from the platforms, distribution channels and expertise of our partners provide.

How many startups will be accepted to the prog

We run two programs each year. One in the fall and another one in spring. Each batch takes in 10-15 companies. Companies can stay at our space up to 6 months.

What is the application process like?

We have a three step process, including – an online application, a video or in-person interview and a final selection event where we invite our team and partners to maximize business match from day one.

We typically respond to applicants within a few days at each stage and accept teams on a rolling basis. We try to be as founder-friendly as we can, given that we have been in your shoes and understand what it’s like to start a business.

TOP25 teams will be invited to the Selection Days in Helsinki where you get meet with our team, mentors and industry partners. TOP10-15 teams will make it to our next batch.

What does Vertical get?

We don’t take equity from participating startups, but in exchange for the program Vertical receives a right of first refusal to invest in the company with a 25% discount within one year. When we do invest, we receive normal stock, which is just like founders’ stock. You maintain complete control of your company and we remain committed to make you successful. If you make a deal with one or few of our industry partners we might get a finders fee from that deal. This way we ensure that our team as interested in making things happen for you, as you would be yourself.

Who is behind Vertical?

Meet our team, and see our growing list of partners, comprised of industry leaders and beyond.

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