The Whole is Greater
Then the Sum of its Parts.

Vertical is a company of forward-thinking business and design professionals. Our experience strives from over 70 projects carried out in collaborative innovation.

Our Story in Brief

Vertical is an innovation company. It is originally the brainchild of four founders: Christian Lindholm, Kenneth Salonius, Sebastien Gianelli and Paolo Borella. In five years, the company has seen changes and has grown into a full-service management consultancy. The company’s offering has always been above all customer-centric.

Vertical takes pride in the fact that it has seen the growth company field from all possible angles. We have provided, bought and facilitated services as well as developed and invested in growth companies.

A testament to Vertical’s market sensitivity is its focus change from an acceleration-based business model to project-based consulting. The accelerator model, while very much feasible, was deemed to not service Vertical’s clients in the best way possible. Vertical realized that in facilitating innovation, one size does not fit all and the batch model where there were multiple corporates along with a batch of startups was discontinued. Vertical took action in building new competencies by hiring professionals in business analysis and design as well as executing projects which required a new level of expertise.

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We are a company of designers, strategists and economists representing seven different nationalities.

Lars Melakoski
+358 50 323 8819

Dana Gamburg
Bogdana Gamburg
+358 45 269 4644

Eero Toppinen
Eero Toppinen
+358 40 674 0000

Jan Bubienczyk
Senior Associate
+358 40 965 8542

Nati Lalayants
HR & Office Manager
+358 40 186 5700

sebastien gianelli
Sebastien Gianelli
+358 44 555 9866

Sasha Kazantsev
Senior Associate
+358 45 878 7079

Kenneth Salonius
Senior Associate
+358 50 517 2348

Christian Lindholm
Board Membber
+358 40 045 9040

Paolo Borella
Board Member
+358 40 480 8333

Want to join us?

Vertical is always on the lookout for bright talent to augment our diverse team.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for job openings as we are always happy to receive applications. Maybe you’re just what we didn’t know we were looking for!