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Finding out the future of healthcare

Turn on the evening news on any given day and you’ll likely hear variations on the same theme: The healthcare system is under pressure to change: Modernize, digitalize, speed up, be more efficient. But where does all this change lead to and what does the future of the healthcare system look like? Vertical set out to answer these questions and more in the Future Trajectories of Healthcare study.

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We’re on the lookout for exceptional talent and are growing our team of service designers and strategists.

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In the early days of Vertical, we supported Growth Companies to become the best versions of themselves. We were great at what we did, yet along the way we noticed the changing needs of the market, and realised we could offer something even better.

We adapted and grew into a new space, to focus on strategic development and using collaboration as a tool.

When it comes to growth, strategy and collaboration, we don’t just talk the talk: we walk the walk too.

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We are a team of service- and business specialists with a passion for collaborative thinking. Read how Vertical took its current shape and get to know the people spearheading the change.

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