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We’re a Helsinki-based healthcare consultancy creating strategies for enhanced engagement with patients, collaboration between stakeholders, and the purposeful use of technology in order to create better healthcare.

Starting work with us is simple. We begin with a unique approach to patient journeys, then add in pharma-specific agile ways of working and our advanced goal-setting framework - and the result for you is long-term competitive advantage from your patient journey framework.

Your priorities will become fast-paced sprints devoted to fulfilling the most impactful patient needs - with high visibility and meaningful goals from start to finish.



The Patient Journey is made specifically for your therapy area and the needs of your patients. It gives your team the foundation for patient-centric development.

  • Aligns your team’s understanding of the patient & landscape
  • Helps your team prioritize work on patient insights
  • Builds understanding of patient impact & healthcare system impact


Agile and Scrum gives your team a fast-paced and iterative way of working.

  • Enables your team to work in iterative and fast-paced sprints
  • Allows to switch priorities on the fly
  • Gives the team visibility and ease in resource allocation
  • Helps you focus on what truly matters at the time


Vertical’s goal-setting framework allows your team to make plans and goals based on customer feedback.

  • Gives the team a clear directive to plan and set goals based on healthcare system feedback
  • Makes it easy to convert goals from Patient Journey into Scrum
  • Converts existing operating plans and targets into an adaptive and iterative framework

Impacts of an effective patient journey

With our patient journey framework, you will be able to....

  • CheckmarkSolve for actual patient needs
  • CheckmarkResource high-impact needs effectively
  • CheckmarkIdentify new areas in which to introduce existing products
  • CheckmarkGenerate new solutions for patients and HCPs
  • CheckmarkDevelop new ways to increase market share.

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