Our modern digital world is fast-paced, and there’s no prize for standing still. To keep moving forward, companies need adaptable strategies for output and internal development as well as for partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

You can rely on our team to navigate your business towards growth. Our expertise will help you develop the strategies you need, collaborate with the best partners, and make the right deals.

We offer you to enhance your business with open innovation


Using our unique collaborative methods with startups, corporates, internal units or your end-users, we help you to develop and validate technology or business models fast.


We know how to lay solid strategic foundations and design new business opportunities – as well as how to identify the right timing, partners and methods to make the dreams become reality.


When it’s time to invest or acquire, we help you find the right strategic partners, and guide you through the process of designing and making deals.


Tell us more about your organisation, and together let’s explore how we can overcome challenges and achieve dreams.

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Ways of working

Our business and creative design pros deliver unique tools for our clients to achieve better and faster results in their chosen areas.

We like to do things a little differently, and our team’s entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary background see us continually exploring new methods and tools.

Although we are always developing and challenging ourselves (and the status quo!), there are a few things that remain the same no matter what we’re doing our guiding principles are:

  • Growth and quality.
  • Collaborating with us is fun and uplifting.
  • We work smart.

Key expertise

Market Intelligence

We help you understand the market, users, technologies and business models of tomorrow.

Transaction Advisory

We help you invest in or acquire growth companies. Our services include matchmaking companies for the right fit, guiding strategic decisions, and designing and overseeing deals.

Service Design

We help you to create fresh new use cases for technology that haven’t been used in conventional industries before. We also help with designing your user interface to be its best, whether your end-user is a machine operator at an industrial plant or a consumer, or anyone else.

Innovation Strategy

We help you to develop your own innovation strategy. Throughout the process, you meet with top-tier innovators and companies as well as get our assessments of where the biggest growth possibilities are for you.

Collaboration Projects

We help you to create, design and execute collaborations between companies – whether you want to validate future plans or introduce new features.

Venture building

We help you to build new ventures from scratch. Whether they are internal initiatives or joint ventures, we have the people and expertise to support you.


Tell us more about your organisation, and together let’s explore how we can overcome challenges and achieve dreams.

Jan Bubienczyk
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Smart Construction

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, collaborated with a Finnish IoT startup, Kaltiot, and USA based startup, Sixgill, in the area of logistics and positioning at construction sites.

Innovative Patient Solutions

With the aim of promoting good health in every way, Pfizer works to help patients with life-long illnesses. Pfizer aims to create a rounded support system for chronic patients that will go beyond the pill and support a person 365 days a year.

Revolution in Fashion & Textiles

VTT experts have kicked-off partnership negotiations with 9 companies in circular fashion. Some of the teams have an immediate interest in the running projects and some will apply with VTT for extended research and development funding.