“It’s been very helpful to find out why we’ve failed before, and how to go on now.”

Kim Kreutz, CEO, YuScale

“Vertical is like the best business school ever, where you get to work on your real business”

Kinga Trybusz, CMO, Kcalmar

“Vertical has helped us to stop and think what the market needs, and how to produce a minimum meaningful solution”

Philippe Santraine, CEO, Newolo

“The top notch Vertical mentor network has expertise in design and global operation, just what we needed.”

Petteri Hirvonen, COO, Klinik

“Finland is an innovation hub and Vertical offers great possibilities for building international experience”

Sara Del Vecchio, Pedius

Aid One

Aid One helps bystanders to have the confidence to be lifesavers with the Aid One Cover.



Health/Medical | Elder Care | Therapy

Senior people rehabilitation progress is taking lot of time in hospitals which is costly on national and private level. Traditional rehabilitation methods are boring and depressing. We incorporate immersive Virtual Reality environment to therapy, freeing their vision out of building to places they want to visit. Various preventive and rehabilitation modes are designed with professional therapists.

Contact: Eero Riikonen

Country: Finland



Bryom develops a reactive system to prevent aging related issues and accidents.



Wellness Service

Chino.io offers digital health app developers a secure and EU privacy law compliant backend



Preventive | Health Monitoring

We are building large, scalable and customizable module based set of health tools that can be used as stand alone version or as an aggregator via API for hospitals, health care, sport and wellness providers. Currently there isn’t effective treatment for life style diseases in a large scale. If we could get people to move and live their life healthier, we could save billion of euros worldwide.

Contact: Timo Kettunen

Country: Finland


DoctorPrice -Lääkärihinta

Health/Medical | Web | Consumer Internet

Healthcare prices are non-transparent and unpredictable.
Our web service empowers the patient to compare both the price & quality of healthcare services. Additionally, we offer a comparable price estimate based on symptom or illness together with medical information on the subject, written by a medical expert.

Contact: Kristian Ahlers

Country: Finland


Effectus Labs

Mobile application | HW/Device | SW System

Human sweat is a precious resource of information marginally exploited. An accurate estimate of sweat volume and rate provide an indication of human body fluid imbalance and the prevention of de-hydration and hyponatremia. Effectus is developing an end to end solution consisting of affordable , not invasive sweat sensors. Typical applications include health and sports devices.

Contact: Simone Severini

Country: Italy



EHO stands for active life. Developing connected apparel, they encourage people to master body motion for better training and recovery process.


Enigma Biotech

Hardware | Health/Medical | Medical Devices | Sports

Optical chip able to track and analyse vital health markers through a laser based technology to enable painless, non-contact blood analysis methods. Bringing this technology to market in a wearable form factor is our first step. Pro athletes require frequent lactate tests to improve training and track progress. We’re building an in-ear device to measure lactate during training.

Contact: Oğuzhan Mete Öztürk

Country: Turkey




Fjuul fitness tracker app uses a simple metric called Fjuul Points, it shows how intense your daily activities have been.



Funzi is a mobile learning service that delivers skills and competencies with impactful pedagogy and measurable learning outcomes.


Happy Couple

Happy Couple provides a fun quiz-style app to facilitate communication between partners and tips to help create more satisfying relationships.



Heimo is a mental well-being community where people can help each other.



INTACT produces a device to help visually impaired to use a computer.



Kcalmar develops a marketplace connecting dieticians with patients in Poland. The system fully covers the needs of the supply side and demand side of nutrition services market.



Klinik is a unique online marketplace for healthcare providers and products.



Hardware | Health/Medical | Application Development

Current diabetes treatments aren´t personalized enough, administering insulin involves calculating the doses, is unintuitive and relies on invasive techniques such as safe injections or pumps
Our algorithm in the cloud analyzes the information provided by 3rd party sensors, It predicts future glucose levels and it helps being aware of all the important information around that number. (+APP as UX)

Contact: Eduardo W. Jorgensen de Vizcarrondo

Country: Spain



Miils helps people plan their healthy weekly meals and order them to their doorstep through our partners.



Minduu connects customers with the right mental health professionals.



Sports | Innovation| Engineering |Environmental

Nairoby develops a monolithic thermoplastic snowboard. This final product can be recycled and transformed into reusable raw material to build new products.

Contact: Sebastián Rosenfeld

Country: Argentina


Near Real

Near Real provides a secure, high-quality, and low-cost solution for eHealth service providers who want to provide their services on demand via Internet.



Newolo develops online tools and an app to help anyone with life’s challenges.


Nordic Hug

Nordic Hug produces the first professional grade cleaners and disinfectants for touch screens.



OPTUS develops and markets a customizable telehealth and analytics platform.



Education |Health/Medical | Elder Care | Emergency Services

Classroom lecturing is expensive and learning methods need improvement.
Our main product, CareMe platform, enables safe and cost effective learning for healthcare professionals. By using engaging gaming elements in virtual simulations and integrating the clinical reasoning process into game mechanics, can enhance the development of clinical reasoning and offer meaningful learning experiences.

Contact: Jaana-Maija Koivisto

Country: Finland



Aging | Dementia | Diagnostics | Elder Care

RICA is a self learning IoT solution to improve the peace of mind of caregivers to the alone living elderly.

Contact: Riedel Matthias

Country: Germany



Sport | Mobile application | SW System

In order to practice outdoor activities, you need the right equipment and this can be very expensive. Bringing the equipment from home is a real problem, it’s quite difficult to find reliable information about the renting activities nearby. It is almost impossible to find information about the best spots.

Sharewood is a marketplace which is aimed at connecting owners of outdoor equipment with travellers.

Contact: Mansueto Piercarlo

Country: Italy


We did it

We Did It is the world’s first mobile tool for active couples therapy. It helps couples solve problems in a totally new way, by themselves without books, lectures or therapy session



YuScale app and online service determines the nutritional composition of a complete meal – in particular carbohydrates for diabetics. Simple, secure and fast.


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