Mikko Moilainen


President, Suunto Member of Amer Sports Executive Board

Mikko Moilanen, M.Sc. (EE), has been President of Suunto Oy since March, 2010. Under his leadership the company has turned around from low performance state to a profitable growth path and has become major player in a constantly evolving global environment of sports instruments and solutions. He is also a member of the Amer Sports Executive Board, where he represents the Sports Instruments business area and is a key leader in digital transformation across the group.

Prior to taking over of the President responsibilities Mikko worked at Nokia for 17 years, where he held various international executive and senior manager positions in R&D, product creation, program and portfolio management as well as demand supply network management and strategy. Mikko has always been interested in the art of leadership and has had a luxury of having several mentors himself over the years. He is passionate about customer and user centricity in product and service businesses.

Mikko is also a passionate sportsman and adventurer, both on the terrain and under water.