Tapani Jokinen


Design veteran

Tapani Jokinen is former Nokia/Microsoft Head of Design Portfolio & Strategy. He has over 20 years extensive design experience in various capacities and global locations. He has been building brands, products & user experiences, fostering creativity, accelerating and driving cross functional innovation, exploring new business opportunities on business development and product portfolio planning, and guideing business strategies.

Tapani was the Lead Designer for Nokia 3310 and Nokia 1100 which are to date the most sold mobile phones in the world. He was also the Design Lead for visionary concepts like Nokia AIR, HumanForm and Nokia Kinetic Device. He has passion for good design and innovation, proven track record of 100 reported inventions, 28 granted patents and several design patents. His solid background in building design strategy and advanced design creation in practice gives him an unique insight in managing complex business. Paired with design thinking he delivers success on business.

Tapio has unique skills to apply theory into practice. Using efficient design tools and methods he can accelerate and drive innovation, foster creativity and guide business strategies. He knows how to build a vision and turn creativity into viable product experiences.