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Improve access to healthcare in countries where patients need it the most

Do you want to improve access to healthcare in countries where patients need it the most? If so, we invite you to share this journey with us!

Worldwide there are huge disparities in health equity. According to the World Bank and WHO, less than 50 % of the world’s population has access to basic healthcare. The effects of such health inequities are wide-ranging, from the prevalence of basic healthcare to care methods and health literacy.

A4F ‘s main goal is to address the core issues of the Patient Access Journey. The Movement is now looking internationally for startups, small and medium enterprises with full and partial solutions to tackle these challenges in collaboration with people whose lives are impacted by them.

Key Dates: 


20.07.2020 — Call opens

31.10.2020 — Call closes

Q4.2020 — Selection days

Access for Future Movement invites you to change the landscape of access to healthcare in countries where patients need it the most.



Upskilling of frontline healthcare providers for early diagnosis and appropriate referral in cancer care


There is a lack of qualified specialists who are able to timely diagnose the disease in the 1st line of healthcare providers. On top of this, the stigma, the lack of healthcare system awareness, and the denial amid the patients cause further delays. This situation has to be addressed on the grassroots level, with self-governance being one of the keys to improving early diagnosis rates.

Methods to ensure patients’ awareness of available treatment financing options


It happens often that a patient receives their diagnosis without being informed about the support options and guidance in financial support systems. Most often the person is sent to the centralized healthcare hubs (e.g. Mumbai), due to the lack of professional awareness of regional capacities and facilities. The challenge is to build a system for maintaining treatment options awareness across the population and healthcare specialists.

Raising awareness of available treatment financing options and establishing alternative financing options


In Nigeria, healthcare financing is one of the most notable barriers to access to healthcare.  Firstly, the awareness of healthcare financing options is on a low level among both general public and healthcare professionals. Patients often receive their diagnosis without being informed about the support options and guidance in financial support systems. The lack of awareness on both sides of the aisle leaves the patients that could have been treated with self-treatment. On top of that, the pool of existing financing options in Nigeria could be enriched with modern alternatives. The challenge is to introduce solutions for raising utilisation rate of available healthcare financing options across the population and healthcare specialists, as well as to widen available financing opportunities. 

Help us start solving the challenges in financing options awareness as well as financing methods in Nigerian healthcare by submitting the information of your company to this challenge.

Upskilling healthcare professionals  in disease & treatment monitoring


HCPs and patients in Nigeria do not have sufficient access to modern disease and treatment monitoring tools. The lack of quality monitoring leads to late diagnosis. On top of that, weak surveillance data. The results of this are twofold: Firstly, Nigerian patients’ treatment is not monitored, which significantly lowers recovery and remission rates. Secondly, the lack of nationwide visibility of healthcare resources and needs prevents directing the limited number of qualified personnel to hotspots. 

Help us solve the challenges of disease and treatment monitoring in Nigerian healthcare by applying for the challenge.


We are looking for products and companies that are ready to pilot their solutions or partial solutions in countries such as Thailand, Nigeria, India, and the Philippines.

Selection Process

We are looking for applications worldwide. All longlisted applicants will be contacted for Q&A, after which we will make a shortlist. Shortlisted applicants will present their solutions to the Movement partners.


Shortlisted applicants, will pitch for a funded pilot of their solutions with real patients in A4F countries. Each country will coordinate a piloting setup with relevant partners, who will support your presence in the local market. Successful solutions will be scaled to the market with A4F partners in listed countries and around the globe where these challenges recurrent.


A4F Movement

A4F Movement is initiated by Roche and powered by Vertical. Access for Future Movement (A4F) aims to match innovative solutions from around the world to local access-to-healthcare challenges in developing countries. In collaboration with global and local networks we will map access-to-healthcare pain points, build patient-focused solutions, test them, and finally pilot them together. Af4 is operated in India, Thailand, Nigeria and the Philippines.

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Access for Future Movement is initiated and financed by Hoffman-La Roche to help service deprived communities and people in healthcare. Roche is financing the planning, setup and operations of the initiative.

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The Movement is designed and operated by Vertical, a Helsinki-based management consultancy with a strong track record in collaborative innovation in healthcare.

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