Building on the remarkable success of our first Accelerator Programme, Stora Enso, Vertical, and Aalto ENT proudly announce the second run of the Stora Enso Accelerator Programme. Starting in January 2019, participants of this program will explore opportunities in the Circular Economy.

If you look at the opportunities some of the startups received after the Stora Enso Accelerator Programme of 2017, one would assume that this is one of the most successful business generation programmes out there. Actually, its initial purpose is quite a different one. The objective of the programme is learning, facilitating change, and establishing a culture of co-creation. Startup companies that were able to embrace this, earned an unexpected advantage of continued collaboration with the world’s leader in renewable materials.

The most unique aspect of the programme is the fact that each selected startup and 3 Talents from Stora Enso fuse into a single team for the duration of the programme. If this isn’t already something unprecedented and unique, then add this: each team is assigned their own coach from Stora Enso’s  Group Leadership Team (GLT).

We know from our work as business augmentors that partnerships between innovative entrepreneurs and industry leading enterprises can be mutually transformative. The enterprises have the ability to scale effectively, but their size often leads to slower innovation. This programme empowers both the organisation and the startup to work realistically toward that mutual transformation and potentially co-create attractive opportunities. This is why it is of utmost importance that the startups accepted into this unique 3-month programme enter it with the right point of view – learning, transparency, and eagerness to co-create.

This programme creates possibilities for both the startups already working in circular economy and the ones that have a technology that potentially could be applied to one of the challenges identified by Stora Enso. Startups are also able to learn how to approach and work with possible corporate partners and learn the Enterprise Way of Working from within.

Another unique aspect of the programme is that this is not simply about generating new business for Stora Enso, but it’s about leadership development and a shift in mindset for the Stora Enso Talents. Obviously, new opportunities are not something that anyone will shrug off, but the fact that it is not the main motivator gives the Stora Enso Talents a completely different perspective. This is a stepping stone towards mutual transformation. They want to get to know your startup, your way of working, and, inevitably, see you succeed together with Stora Enso.

Stora Enso is looking for ways to learn the lean habits that startups use for navigating and absorbing the newest and most disruptive ideas that could be implemented into the corporate world. Stora Enso Talents and the GLT are eager to have an immersive experience into the entrepreneurial thinking and doing.

If this resonates with you as a company and you want to embark of a journey of mutual transformation with an industry leader in renewable materials, read more and apply here.