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With the aim of promoting good health in every way, Pfizer works to help patients with life-long illnesses. Pfizer aims to create a rounded support system for chronic patients that will go beyond the pill and support a person 365 days a year.


We want to find innovative ideas to create new kinds of communication channels between Pfizer and patients, with an emphasis on improving patient-centricity – increase patient insight, improve treatment, and patient value-adding services.


We proposed a collaboration focusing on start-ups which have shown evidence of benefits to patients or clinicians. After a standard Vertical Scouting round, we led the Pfizer team into the facilitated shortlist review sessions. The finalists presented their value proposition and 2 of the teams that made it through the selection have joined Pfizer for long-term collaboration.

Pfizer team has been striving for perfection in the project implementation. The validation pilots for 2 selected products have taken a long while to prepare. Along the way, Vertical has assisted in conducting legal and strategic discussions. A significant element of the custom program for Pfizer was training an internal enterprise team in the open innovation methods.


The impact created within Pfizer’s regional office, made the company decide to introduce a new Patient Solution team.

Helsinki, along with the Nordics secured the responsibility to further develop the collaboration practice started in this project. Both of the teams selected in this program have started official collaboration on the international scale with Pfizer Patient Solutions:

Pfizer x Popit Collaboration, a platform to monitor Pfizer self-administered treatments

Pfizer x SidekickHealth Collaboration, a digital therapeutic program for patients

longlisted startups relevant solutions were reached by Vertical
international partnerships started in Pfizer Finland I&I
million secured by startups in deals for Patient Solution services

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