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Highlights from the Future of Healthcare panel

By: Eero Toppinen

If healthcare in Finland is in crisis, how can we fix it? Find out what the experts in our Future of Healthcare event panel had to say about ensuring a thriving healthcare system now and in the future.

Over the past years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of companies in the healthcare industry and so it was a tremendous opportunity to organize the Future of Healthcare event to coincide with the leading business conference Slush.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the panel discussion, moderated by our CEO Kenneth Salonius and featuring top experts from the Finnish healthcare scene:

  1. Healthcare is doing quite well with the resource allocation we have in Finland, but the expectations are increasing more rapidly. While creating solutions and treatments, healthcare professionals also create more demand.
  2. Healthcare is complex – but healthcare policy is even more complex. Proactively enabling scaling possibilities is difficult from a policy perspective.
  3. Primary care, while in crisis, is not dead. Incentives create solutions. Public-private partnerships in turn are needed to create incentives.
  4. Scaling resources through digitalization is a massive opportunity for streamlining the mundane tasks that eat up so much of the healthcare professionals’ time right now. Preventative care – but with patient segmentation – is another possibility we are exploring.
  5. More tools to practice medicine are being developed and are sorely needed. More opportunities arise from incentives and tools. We need more outside risk capital to spearhead some of the more high flying ventures – public health investments will not carry the risk of building disruptive initiatives these however might be the ones that end up making the biggest difference.
  6. Productization of testbed programs is another possibility we need to look to. This means creating an understandable and agreed-upon framework of solution development with healthcare providers. Potentially, an increasing number of innovation initiatives could be tested, piloted, and validated through such a framework. Israel for one is an excellent example of creating an enabling environment for the development of improved products and solutions in healthcare.

I want to thank the panelists for their insightful remarks and a good-spirited discussion:

🌟 Anni Iso-Mustajärvi, Director of BeeHealthy SaaS platform at Mehiläinen
🌟 Jani Tikkanen, MD, entrepreneur
🌟 Kati Liukko, MD, Director of Healthcare Services & Medical Care, Vantaan ja Keravan hyvinvointialue
🌟 Samuli Saarni, MD, healthcare leader and CEO of Public Value ltd

And a very special thank you to our keynote speaker, Tony Estrella – if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the conversation we had before the event!

By the way, there were plenty of excellent questions from the audience that the panel didn’t have time to take on – we’ll explore some of those in future blog posts!

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