Innovation challenge in oncology with Tampere University Hospital and MSD

Simplifying clinician data collection and utilization of information in oncology. Together with Tays and MSD, we are looking for outstanding solutions to improve the patient journey in oncology. We are interested in solutions that make the data collection throughout the treatment process easily available, visible, and understandable by all the healthcare professionals involved. The innovation challenge and the following concept are targeting solutions for healthcare professionals treating lung cancer patients. With a successful plan and concept, we are ready to further discuss upscaling of the solutions within the Tampere University Hospital.

Innovation Challenge in Oncology with Tampere University Hospital and MSD

Is your company working on digital health tools for patient data collection and treatment tracking? If so, then keep reading!

Tays, MSD, and Vertical are looking for outstanding companies to work side-by-side with TAYS healthcare professionals and MSD experts in integrating a solution to support improved treatment of lung cancer patients at Tampere University Hospital. The solution should be able to provide a better understanding of the patient’s journey.

We are looking for digital solutions, which can support the healthcare professionals’ work in terms of logging and utilizing patient data for being able to better understand the patient journey.

The most suitable company will be selected to work side-by-side with both Tays and MSD alongside their experts and clinicians for a crystallized value proposition. Moreover, as the selected company, you will develop plans for validation and integration.

Business Opportunities with Tays & MSD

Tays and MSD are looking for solutions supporting healthcare professionals in the field of oncology.

The questions we have outlined with Tays and MSD experts and aim to answer with solution providers include the following: How to ensure that the data collection is easy and transparent between different healthcare professionals, treatment stages, and departments? What could be done in order to make the complex treatment journey clearly understandable for all the healthcare professionals involved? How to improve the quality of outpatient care, especially in terms of how clinician’s recommendations complement each other?The concept and integration are targeting lung cancer patients, however, in the ideal scenario, the solutions would be scaled to other departments of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District of Finland.

Tays and MSD are welcoming companies to apply for the challenge with the aim of finding a long-term partner for ensuring a better patient journey and including better data collection and utilization of information between all parties involved in treating lung cancer patients at TAYS.


  • Get to present your solution to the decision-makers, and receive expert support from Vertical
  • No equity nor fee is taken for the participation in the challenge and collaboration.
  • Dedicated resources from Tays and MSD working side-by-side with your team, actively collaborating to find a path to potentially implement your solution for the use of hundreds of healthcare professionals.
  • Possible pilot cost, structure, and terms will be agreed upon separately with you

How to apply

Check out the FAQ (see below) for more information on the criteria. If you like what you see and find yourself wondering whether you could be among the best teams, tell us about your solution to us!



When and how to apply?

The application period is currently open. You can fill the application form by the 16th of April and we will get back to you in week 16 with information on whether you made it to the top companies invited for the Value Proposition days. Please note that you might be contacted earlier for further clarifications.

Who can apply?

Any digital health company that could solve the problem outlined in the challenge can apply. As the goal of the collaboration is the integration of the solution to the Tampere University Hospital, we will appreciate applications that can demonstrate their team’s knowledge of the Finnish healthcare system.

Where and when will the project take place?

After the Value Proposition days, the selected company will go through a number of touchpoints with Tays, MSD and Vertical to help crystallize the value proposition even further and identify avenues to potentially implement your solution.

Can companies outside of Finland apply?

Absolutely. We are looking for the best solution in its domain. However, the company should have expertise in the Finnish healthcare system and/or an office/other presence in Finland.

How many companies will you select?

At the end of the selection process, we will select 1-2 companies to participate in the project. However, there are many more challenges which MSD would like to solve in the future, and contact details will stay in their possession for further work.

Simplifying clinician data collection and utilization of information in oncology


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