Vertical is a collaborative
innovation company

We partner up with our clients to solve problems, find opportunities and shape business through holistic collaborative thinking.

We believe there is more to gain by working together, rather than doing it alone or starting from scratch. We have made it our mission to make our clients successful in innovating through collaboration.

In a nutshell, we help you connect, brainstorm, develop or launch with others. Whether it is a start-up, a corporate, another business unit of your organization or your end-users.


The cornerstone for our work are six service areas that together enable a successful collaboration

Our cornerstones come together into the Vertical Augmentor™  framework – our map for enabling success through collaboration.

Every company has different needs, and therefore our modus operandi is flexibility. This allows us to fully focus on the specific needs of every company we work and deliver optimal outcomes.

This approach has enabled us to successfully deliver outcomes ranging from small-scale need assessment work to multi-million joint ventures.



Venture Client Program


Project Brief – Duration: February 2018 – Ongoing
We want to establish open innovation projects that will expand our service portfolio. We want to partner with the team that have a fairly mature product and validate their solution through the facilitated collaboration process.


Key Deliverables

Map of open innovation activities within the industrial branch
Market Insight
Tailored marketing campaign
Community & Ecosystem
150+ post-seed start-up companies sourced and screened
2-3 collaboration projects
Facilitating the development of several business cases.

Teambuilding in between the enterprise
business unit and an external startup.

Coordinating a pilot for technical- and
user-validation of the joint solution.
Business unit collaboration readiness to scale towards GTM

Corporate Renewal Accelerator


Project Brief – Duration: June 2018 – November 2018
We proposed, in co-creation with Aalto ENT, an executive collaboration program combining Executive Education Program with an immersive entrepreneurial experience among start-ups team. Overarching themes in the program were building strategic partnerships, entrepreneurial mindset, and innovation.


Key Deliverables

Support in planning the relevant
corporate education program
Market Insight
Tailored marketing campaign
Community & Ecosystem
150+ start-ups sourced & screenedInternal enterprise evaluators
trained to screen the startups
A 3-months executive education program.
A 3-months immersive program with 6 start-up teams.
6 collaboration projects
Facilitated development from
joint business opportunity  to joint
business model.

Customized support sessions
on the needs of each project.


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