Orion is opening up for
co-creation with startups
Apply here by 31.8.2018

Vertical X Orion Open Innovation

Program goals

Are you a startup working on an AI solution for drug discovery? How about a solution improving the life and treatment of cancer patients? If so, then keep reading. Vertical and Orion are looking for high-performing teams to work side-by-side with Orion executives and experts in the co-creation of innovative solutions.

We are looking for startups bringing disruptive and outside-the-box innovations for two challenges – that could transform the business.

The top teams will be selected to work side-by-side with Orion in a unique 3-month business co-creation program with one objective in mind: the deployment of MVP pilots between the selected startups and the enterprise.

Key Dates

2.7.2018 – Application Opens
31.8.2018 –  Application Closes
15.-16.10.2018 – Final Selection Days in Helsinki, Finland
22.10.2018 – Program Kick-off
31.1.2019 – Program Ends
Apply here by 31.8.2018

Orion Pharma is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company – a builder of well-being. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals. The company is continuously developing new drugs and treatment methods. The core therapy areas of Orion’s pharmaceutical R&D are central nervous system (CNS) disorders particularly neurodegenerative diseases and chronic pain, oncology (prostate cancer, breast cancer and other hormone-driven cancers) and respiratory diseases.

Learn more at Orion’s website.

The R&D Challenge:

Are you developing AI or Machine learning solution which could make Orion’s R&D better? If yes, you are in luck: we are especially looking for solutions which could:

R&D 1

Enhance Orion’s drug discovery process from hit finding via lead selection all the way to lead optimisation

R&D 2

Increase Orion’s understanding of the correlations between in Vitro, in Vivo and clinical data.

The Oncology Challenge:

We are looking for solutions and/or services to help cancer patients living their daily lives with the devastating disease they have. We are specifically interested in seeing potential wow effect in solutions or services in two distinct areas:



Helping existing treatments become even better; more efficacious, better tolerated etc. These treatments encompass all medical interventions from tablets to radiotherapy.


Impacting the physical or mental stress caused by the disease through improving the quality of life of patients and supporting patients in their daily activities in any possible way

Vertical Co-Creation Program


We believe there’s more to gain by working together, rather than doing it alone and starting from scratch. We offer uplifting solutions to business problems by carefully selecting the best Startup talent and then tuning their offering to match the business needs. We’re not a Startup accelerator. Nor are we a traditional business consultancy. We look at improvement via addition and co-creation. That’s why we’ve created a new term for what we are, the world’s first business augmentor.

How to apply

Check out the FAQ (see below) and the Application form for more information on the criteria. If you like what you see and find yourself wondering whether you could be among the winning teams, pitch your great product to us!

Apply here by 31.8.2018

Additional questions? Ask us!

Paolo Borella Program Lead Vertical paolo@vertical.vc

Eero Toppinen Venture Analyst Vertical eero@vertical.vc


When and Who to Apply?

The application period is currently open. You can fill the form here https://www.f6s.com/orion2018/apply  by August 24 and we will get back to you in late September with information whether you made it to the shortlist of the startups invited for the Final Selection Days.

Who can Apply?

Any startups bringing disruptive innovations to medication, drug discovery, medication analytics, medicine AI/ML, oncology, healthtech or in any other part of the pharmaceutical industry that could better Orion’s business, can apply for the program.

Where and when the program will take place?

The program will take in Helsinki, Finland between October 22 and January 31, 2019. We expect a minimum of one to two people from your team to be available to work with the client in Helsinki for the duration of the program.

Can startups outside of Finland apply?

Absolutely. We and our clients have worked with startups on co-creation projects from all over the world.

What to expect from the Final Selection Days?

A unique opportunity for the shortlisted startup to meet Vertical and Orion experts to asses and further develop your co-creation proposal. This event is mandatory for the shortlisted startups.

How many startups will you select?

At the end of the selection process we will select 1-2 startups in total to participate in the program.