Just a few weeks before Slush three global organizations helping startups, are joining the forces to make a bigger impact. From October onwards Slush Global Impact Accelerator, Vertical and Samsung have been building a set of activities to support startups together.

Through the series of mentoring sessions, a workshop and a roundtable, organizations aim to share knowledge on existing business opportunities from impact startups from all around the world.

The joint program includes:

October 18, How to Sell to Corporates Workshop with Marc Wullings

The hands-on session covers how to build a sales strategy and what to propose to large corporations when it comes to sales or cooperation. The coach is Marc Wullings, managing partner of SkipRed. Marc helps startups reach international success. He and his team developed a methodology to solve just that. The workshop combines his experience, market knowledge and learnings to help teams to achieve successful and profitable overseas operations.






November 28, Mentoring Sessions with Vertical experts and Slush Global Impact accelerator startups

The session features Vertical experts Paolo Borello, Melanie Wendland,  Pontus Vepsäläinen, Sasha Kazantzev, working in a field of business and design.  The joint experience ranges from working on go-to-market strategies at Nokia to working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Fjord, Volvo, AppCampus and other major companies. Through the mentoring sessions, Vertical experts will provide insights into the Nordic & global industry and provide valuable guidance and feedback.

December 3, Roundtable with Global Impact Hubs. Topic: Overcoming Challenges in Going to Market with Impact Startups

Gathering of opinion-leaders and decision-makers working with impact startups all around the world for sharing issues and seeing how to come up with new solutions to support innovators. Guests will include representatives of the international impact hubs, as well as Nordic actives, such as the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Finnish Health Startup association Upgraded and Nordic startup organization The Hub.

The open discussion will be hosted by Kenneth Salonius and Bogdana Gamburg from Vertical and Aino Piirtola and Erika Uusivuori from Slush Global Impact Accelerator, and focus on a few aspect, such as how to enable positive human-centered innovation, identify new ways and positive practices of supporting startups and help them move one step further, from incubator to the market. Apart from that, Samsung’s team, Elin Wallberg and Anna Ryden, will share their take on open innovation, helping startups to succeed in terms of scaling and the importance of the ecosystem. they will also provide tips & tricks on how to work with global companies. Together, we aim to create a space for new ideas on how we as a group, and on the individual level, help entrepreneurs creating meaningful solutions for this world to thrive and succeed.

All of the participants are definitely to attend the world’s leading startup event Slush on 4-5 of December.

In addition,  everyone is welcome to join the event taking place on December 5 Co-creation: (Re)Aligning Technology to Humanity and Wellbeing“, helping to understand and prepare on what is needed to live sustainably and intelligently connected with technology serving humanity by Samsung in collaboration with Vertical.

About the organizers:

Slush Global Impact Accelerator

Slush Global Impact Accelerator’s purpose is to support impact startups and showcase the exciting business opportunities in emerging markets, which are also vital for implementing the Agenda 2030 and solving complex challenges. In addition, the program focuses on strengthening the networks between the impact actors, engaging the Nordic community with the global impact entrepreneurs, and enhancing the mobilization of capital towards impactful business. 


The world’s first business augmentor, which offers uplifting solutions to business problems by helping leading start-ups and enterprises to work together. Vertical is seeking startups solving global societal challenges through technology. Vertical is all about supporting brilliant ideas and brilliant people to change the world. The main focus lays in areas where technology can improve the quality of people’s lives in the most significant ways. That’s why Vertical pays close attention to how technology can enable human capabilities, and ensure a more open and inclusive society.


Samsung is a global company driving the change of human-centric tech through value-adding initiatives. Samsung has been supporting innovation change-makers for years by engaging with various initiatives, hubs, accelerators, and startup programs.