Teams getting to know each other

Vertical’s second ever program kicked off last week with the amazing new startups. The first two weeks have been busy with workshops, lectures, events, parties, and some cool gadgets.

The spring startups arrived last week to snowy Espoo and found their new home at the Vertical coworking space. The program kicked off right away with the first pitch training taking place that afternoon.

The teams have already got to attend workshops on product and design excellence, interest marketing, and customer development, and had their first one-to-one meetings with Vertical mentors.

Jovan on stage at Ignition Party

“These weeks have really been the coolest!” Jovan Stevovic, CEO of Italian says. “The Vertical staff, the network we’ve already got access to, the mentors, and of course the other startups here are super cool!”

The weeks have been cool for the Italian team also in a bit more tangible way. “The Nordic atmosphere is cool,” Jovan laughs. “It was almost 15 degrees celsius warmer at Trento where we left from. And no snow!”

At the end of the first week the startups got their Vertical Starter Kits. The kits are designed to help boost the teams into the program with gadgets and goods from Vertical’s partners and friends. This spring the kit contained Samsung S6 smartphones, Samsung tablets, Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches, and Sonera data plan SIM cards, just to name a few.

“The partners did a great job with the Starter Kits,” Jovan says. “The kit really started the program for us!”

The mysterious black Starter Kits

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches and Samsung smartphones!








This week the program was officially launched at the Vertical Ignition Party. The Teams were introduced to Vertical partners, mentors, friends, and other interesting guests.

There’s no party without food and drinks, so Hodarifillari had made a special Vertical hotdog just for the party, and awesome Hopping Brewsters’ Twilight Tiffany stout was on the tap.

The start of the program has been a blast, and we can’t wait for the rest of the spring with these startups!