We turn concepts into meaningful viable products

What is Vertical accelerator?

Vertical is a startup accelerator that is solely focused on health technologies and smart life. The accelerator program is run twice a year for 4 months at a time. Each time up to 15 early stage companies within the domain of health technologies and wellness are chosen for the program.

The accelerator offers companies an environment where to develop and grow their business: together with selected partners, the accelerator offers members a co-working space, a state-of-the-art training program which focuses on going from minimum viable product to minimum meaningful product, organizing of financing, assistance, and connections within marketing and international product distribution. Our partners are with us to work with our portfolio startups. They will help you with technology, market insights, distribution and beyond.

What can I expect from the 4 months in the program?

We are part of your team. We don’t just advise you, we work with you shoulder to shoulder each and every day to build successful stories. At Vertical our goal is to get you to launch your idea to the world. This usually means to get you to the point you have built something impressive enough to get your first paid customers and start to scale your business. Together, with our team, partners and mentors, we will brainstorm, plan, design, sell, and if needed start all over again with you – we share your passion to build companies.

What is the role of the partners of Vertical?

Our partners are an integral part of the Vertical accelerator program. In fact, their curiosity prompts us to look at specific trends and requirements. In other words we work together with them to find and select the most promising companies to revolutionize healthcare together. Our program has been designed to facilitate such collaboration from day one. We can promise you a unique and direct access to these industry leaders.

Who are your partners?

Our corporate partners are various industry leaders across the value chain. They  will interoperate and connect to redefine and provide tomorrow’s healthcare solutions together with our startups.

Latest technologies from various domains of expertise are converging to disrupt traditional healthcare. Tomorrow’s healthcare innovations will be built on a foundation of several competences. We are providing a new way to accelerate innovation where industry expertise and lean startups are blended. Each of our partners brings a unique access to technology, market insights, distribution and beyond to our portfolio companies. In that respect, expect more large companies to join us soon.

Who are your mentors?

Our mentors are medical experts, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors or other professionals to provide you with the best experience, help and network out there.

Do you also invest cash?

Yes, we invest up to 150 000€ in the most promising companies taking part of our program.

When do you invest?

We invest in the most promising companies at the end of our Accelerator Program. We believe long-term alignment with companies is the only way to build great value, and our 4 months long program is the best way to establish such alignment.
We first want to help our portfolio companies to find the right path, and when they do, we financially commit to help them reach the next milestone.

Is Vertical an accelerator or incubator?

One could say both. During the first 4 months at Vertical we will support you with an extensive accelerator program. After the program we offer the startups participating in the program an opportunity to continue to use the co-working space and services for an additional two months. We will continue to work with you to develop your business and customer relations, and introduce you to service providers and new partners.

Do startups locate physically at Vertical?

Yes, as a part of the program we offer free office space in our newly renovated facilities in Espoo, right in the center of the high-tech centers of Keilaniemi and the Aalto University campus. We expect your team to relocated to Espoo for the duration of the program to fully leverage the opportunity. Our partners provide you with the latest tools and technologies for you to build your success.

What kind of business models do you get most excited about?

We are not looking for one particular business model. Above everything we want to work with teams that want to solve real problems and transform industries.

What are you looking for?

We’re looking for early-stage companies that are solving real problems in healthcare and people’s wellbeing. We select companies based on the team, idea, business model and the potential to disrupt global industries. We try to assess the founders’ ability to interact and benefit from interactions with our partners, mentors and community. Our partners are our biggest asset, eager to work with innovative entrepreneurs so we look for teams that have synergies with their requirements. Ultimately we look for companies that have strong potential for collaboration with one or more of them, companies that can benefit from the platforms, distribution channels and expertise of our partners provide.

How many startups do you select each year?

We run two programs each year. One in the fall and another one in spring. Each batch takes in 10-15 companies. Companies can stay at our space up to 6 months.

How do I apply to the accelerator program?

Apply by telling us about your venture plans here.

What is the application process like?

We have a three step process, including – an online application, a video or in-person interview and a final selection event where we invite our team and partners to maximize business match from day one. We typically respond to applicants within a few days at each stage and accept teams on a rolling basis. We try to be as founder-friendly as we can, given that we have been in your shoes and understand what it’s like to start a business.

What does Vertical get?

We don’t take equity from participating startups, but in exchange for the program Vertical receives a right of first refusal to invest in the company with a 25% discount within one year. When we do invest, we receive normal stock, which is just like founders’ stock. You maintain complete control of your company and we remain committed to make you successful.

Who is behind Vertical?

Meet our team, and see our growing list of partners, comprised of industry leaders and beyond.