Apply by April 5, 2017

We have partnered with OP, the largest bank and insurance provider in Finland, to build innovative services that advance the way in which people will stay healthy and use health services in the future. The goal is to launch world-class health services for the Finnish market in cooperation with startups.

OP Insurance and hospital will grant up to five health and wellness startups with up to 50 000€ each in grants to build pilots for the Finnish market.

In particular, OP is looking for startups with an innovative technology, product or service in the following fields:
• Workplace health
• Self-improvement
• Health platforms

The Program’s kick-off is a 4-day long Innovation Challenge that ends with a pitching day. The winning startups will be invited to the Smart Health Startup Partnership Program starting in May 2017, where they can benefit from the grants of up to 50 000€ per team.
– apply to the program before the 5th of April here.

Why partner with OP?
OP is the largest bank and insurance company in Finland with circa 4.4 million customers. OP owns two hospitals and is opening four more in 2017; and is evolving from a financial services group to becoming a diversified services provider.

Location: At OP Group’s Headquarters in Vallila, Helsinki, and remotely
Travel and accommodation expenses covered up to 2500€ per foreign team.

Key dates
• 5th April – Application deadline
• 17th April – 8-12 selected startups will be informed
• 8th – 11th May – Innovation Challenge and final selection of 3-5 startups
• May – September 2017 – Smart Health Startup Partnership Program

Apply to the program before the 5th of April here

When and how to apply?

We are currently proceeding to a global launch of the OP Smart Health Challenge application and we are expecting hundreds of applications. Be aware, the earlier the application the more attention it gets so apply now from here, until the the 5th April!

When does it start, when does it end? Where would we be located?

The challenge starts the 8th May, with the innovation challenge week and ends the 11th May and will welcome 10 selected startups. After which 3 to 5 startups will be selected to start the partnership program. The partnership programs includes notably 3 bootcamps (of 3 days each) and remote coaching and follow-up, until September 2017.

Do we need to physically be re-located in Finland for 4 months if we are one of the 5 selected?

No, your physical presence is requested in Helsinki during the challenge week, and if selected ,to the 3 bootcamps spread over a period of 4 months. So basically it means most of the work, follow-up and coaching is done remotely.

We are based abroad, can you help us with flight and accommodation costs?

Yes, OP will grant your company 2500€ (flat fee) to cover all trip and accommodation costs if you are coming from outside Finland. If you come from outside the capital region (Uusimaa), you will be granted 1000€.

We are from a different planet, can we apply?

Absolutely, your startup shall though be registered as a company. We welcome startups from all over the world, welcome!

Are you taking any equity from our company?

No, OP takes no equity for this challenge.OP is providing you grants and work with you to tailor your existing product or service which may be launched onto the Finnish market.

How many startups are you selecting?

8 to 12 startups will be selected to start the innovation week challenge, among those up to 5 may be selected to move forward with the partnership, and receive up to 50k€ when completing the programme.

From a cashflow perspective, how and when are the grants delivered?

Grants are gradually delivered as selected tartup progresses during the 4 months partnership programme

Do we have to work during summer?

You manage your resources the way you wish and you are aware lots of work is expected from your side.