Want to know what happens when a Danish startup joins Finnish cooperation program to work with a welfare provider for Swedish-speaking population of Finland with a support of a global company? A truly, #Nordicmade cooperation.

Gonio VR, an early-stage startup from Denmark has been selected among hundreds of candidates into Vertical spring-summer 2018 cooperation program. The program aims to bring new value-adding solutions to market through multidisciplinary co-creation between startups and enterprises, ultimately solving substantial challenges in healthcare and wellbeing.

Gonio VR develops a collaborative virtual reality rehabilitation solutions targeting elderly, and later the general population. Through a friendly gamified experience patients are able to work on their muscles and joints, prevent further injuries, as well as report pain. The software is meant to be used by a healthcare professional, care provider and patient, to prove the best of care while minimising workload and paperwork, making rehabilitation significantly more effective than traditional methods. On a top of that, the digital service allows reaching patients from remote locations, which otherwise would have been left with limited support.

Already during the first weeks of the program, Gonio VR had a chance to meet all the decision makers of Folkhälsan, a significant welfare provider in Finland and visit elderly houses where piloting of the Gonio VR solution is currently starting. Making this a truly Nordic cooperation, Samsung Nordics is working closely with Vertical to support the startups in accessing the latest technology and going to market in the Nordics.

“Originally, the reason we’ve created Gonio VR was to deliver a high quality therapeutic content to as many people as possible”, say the founders Jesper Aggergaard and Ege Jespersen.

Supported by Folkhälsan, Vertical and Samsung, we are aiming to make quality rehabilitation widely available”.

Vertical Collaboration Program connects large entreprises with the most innovative startups in each industry. During the 3-4 month collaboration program by Vertical both enterprises and startup teams receive assistance and support.