We have ten teams from six different countries and for the first time a team from South America.

We got a huge amount of amazing applications (over 350 applications this year!), and it was hard to choose the best ones. The teams that made it to our  fall program are from Europe and South America, and work on all fields of digital health, wellness, and sports.

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Without further ado, here are the awesome startups of Vertical Fall 2016 Batch:

BetterDay Research
BetterDay develops immersive Virtual Reality environment to therapy.

Helsinki, Finland
Diske builds a scalable and customizable health tool platform for hospitals, health care, sport and wellness providers.

Effectus Labs
Effectus Labs is developing an end to end solution consisting of affordable , not invasive sweat sensors.

Enigma Biotech
Istanbul, Turkey
Enigma builds an in-ear device optical chip able to track and analyze vital health markers.

Helsinki, Finland
Lääkärihinta.fi empowers the patient to compare both the price & quality of healthcare services written by a medical expert

Madrid, Spain
MedicSen develops a cloud based algorithm to analyze the information provided by 3rd party sensors, to predict future glucose levels and insulin intake

Nairoby develops a monolithic thermoplastic snowboard. This final product can be recycled and transformed into reusable raw material to build new products.

Vantaa, Finland
Practigame platform, enables safe and cost effective learning for healthcare professionals using engaging gaming elements in virtual simulations.

Stuttgart, Germany
RICA is a self learning IoT solution to improve the peace of mind of caregivers to the alone living elderly

Sharewood is a marketplace that connects owners of sport and outdoor equipment with sport enthusiast.

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