Circular Economy Accelerator 

Market Intelligence

The Brief

We want to initiate a transformation program that aims to instill a greater innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in our corporate culture

We have a vision to integrate a corporate accelerator program with a synergistic executive education curriculum.
We want Stora Enso pioneers to live entrepreneurship and innovation via an accelerator program that puts them side by side with real start-up entrepreneurs.

We want participants to compliment their startup experiences with state-of-the-art Executive Education in entrepreneurship innovation and leadership.

Our approach 

We proposed, in co-creation with Aalto ENT, an executive collaboration program combining Executive Education Program with an immersive entrepreneurial experience among start-ups team. Overarching themes in the program were building strategic partnerships, entrepreneurial mindset, and innovation.

Key Deliverable 

  • The average score for “How likely are you to recommend Vertical part of the program to your colleagues?” scored 8/10
  • Custom marketing campaign
  • 80  startups sourced & screened
  • 3-months executive education program
  • 3-months immersive program with 6 start-up teams

Final Outcome

Stora Enso accelerated growth within their  renewable material strategy. The entrepreneurial mindset gained a significant traction and Stora Enso got awarded as Finland’s most startup-friendly company.

Jan Bubienczyk was the Project Lead for this projects.
If you are interested to hear more about the project, don’t hesitate to contact me:
+358 40 965 8542

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