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Enabling agile transformation

Stora Enso, a global renewable materials company, internally recruited 18 employees to work for 3 months with 6 startup companies. Their aim was to explore and work towards opportunities in the Circular Economy.


Vertical is happy to be a trusted partner to Stora Enso for the past three years in delivering the talent training program for internal innovators. Original demands set by the clients were:

  • We want to initiate a transformation program that aims to instill a greater innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in our corporate culture
  • We have the vision to integrate a corporate accelerator program with a synergistic executive education curriculum.
  • We want Stora Enso pioneers to live entrepreneurship and innovation via an accelerator program that puts them side by side with real start-up entrepreneurs.
  • We want participants to complement their startup experiences with state-of-the-art Executive Education in entrepreneurship innovation and leadership.


Stora Enso accelerated growth within its renewable material strategy. The entrepreneurial mindset gained significant traction and Stora Enso got awarded as Finland’s most startup-friendly company.

A custom marketing campaign has helped a broad recognition of Stora Enso as an innovation agent in their industry vertical. Amid program attendees, the average score for “How likely are you to recommend Vertical part of the program to your colleagues?” is 8/10.

in 2019 alone
months of executive education tailored program
immersive startup projects within the 3 months

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