My friend Tatu’s grandma broke her hip in winter and the families were warned of the complications! I learned that immobility kills senior adults because long-term bed-rest can lead to fatal complications like stroke, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases. These can be avoided if seniors would have more chances to be motivated to keep exercising in an easy, pleasant, and safe environment.

While care services are increasingly limited, the amount of people over the age of 65 in the world is expected to pass 1.5 billion people by year 2050. While digital solutions are improving healthcare every day, few are designed for seniors. BetterDay aims let seniors trapped indoor to experience nature again, to continue their hobbies, and to self-train for better health with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial intelligent (AI).

In one of our VR environments, the user can experience rowing on a nature lake. When our clients’ put on the VR glasses, many of them intuitively started to row as they used to do when they were young. Some of our clients have dementia. They recalled the familiar places in the city and were excited to talk about the places with nurses.

The BetterDay virtual reality rehabilitation and experience system is built on the Samsung VR platform. With an intuitive user interface, virtual reality has proven to have a fast learning curve, requiring minimum effort to get going. The VR environment automatically starts when the user puts the glasses on and pauses when taking them off, the process is controlled by intuitive gestures. The training data is tracked and analyzed to evaluate the user’s cognitive performance and physical health status. The results encourage and enable the users to understand and manage their own health. In the future, we aim to provide a clear data view to care staff, so that they can track the daily training process of their clients, update training plans in time, and get notifications of inactivity.

The BetterDay system is currently being tested with multiple nursing homes in Helsinki. The feedback we have received is encouraging, and keeps us going forward. If you have relatives or know nursing homes that could be interested in testing the BetterDay service, don’t hesitate to be in touch with me at[at] We provide the full service including hardware, software, installation, workshops and training to nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, and therapy providers.

BetterDay aims to free people from age limits and physical limits; connect senior adults closer with social activities and other age groups. We activate seniors to give them a higher life quality and more independent living. When we get old ourselves, we want to still control our own life and manage our own health.

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Yina Ye, Co-founder & CEO, BetterDay Innovations
Yina is an enthusiastic and innovative hacker, ambitious to create solutions with high technology to help those who need most. She has served in GE Healthcare in software development role before fully committed to BetterDay. She is a master of Machine Learning and Data Analysis from University of Helsinki. She has acquired a systematic knowledge of entrepreneurship in a 4-month healthcare specialized accelerator training of Vertical in 2016.