In 2015 Vertical became the first Nordic digital health startup accelerator, and now we have made our first investments. Two of the startups in our Fall 2015 batch began fundraising at the end of the fall program, and we decided to take the opportunity!

Vertical invests up to 150 000€ into selected startups that have taken part in our digital health and wellness acceleration program. We know that all teams that make it to our startup batches have what it takes to ignite something hot, and they are something that we really want to continue to be part of.

First of the companies that we invested in this winter is Heimo, the mental well-being community. The team behind Heimo is on a bold mission to build world’s biggest peer support community. Mental health is accounting for a big part of all healthcare costs worldwide, and it is a constantly growing issue. Together with Heimo we want to change this. Check out the blog post we published about Heimo for some more information!

We decided to invest in Heimo through Heimo’s crowdfunding campaign. Heimo ran the campaign right after our fall program ended, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to invest in the team.

The investment goes straight into user acquisition, “We are aiming to help 100 000 people by May, and this investment will help us build the best peer support community in the world,” Heimo CEO Jarno Alastalo says.

Our second investment was in Happy Couple, the app that helps couples to deepen their relationship through an interactive quiz-style game and daily tips and challenges. Read more about Happy Couple in our blog, and give their app a try on your iOS or Android device!

Just as with the team behind Heimo we had the pleasure to get to know the Happy Couple team and their business during our Fall 2015 Program, and knew that the startup has potential to be the best relationship app out there. Happy Couple shows that digital wellness doesn’t always have to be about fitness tracking or complicated sensors.

Happy Couple will use the investment for growth. “For early 2016, Happy Couple will focus on users acquisition, product development and scalability,” Arnaud Le Merour from Happy Couple says.

Other teams from our Fall 2015 Batch will be seeking funding in 2016, and we will be looking at those opportunities, too.

Does your startup have what it takes to be ignited? How would you use a 150 000€ investment? What are you waiting for? Application period for our Spring 2016 Batch closes on Jan 31st, apply now!