Kenneth Salonius discusses Nordic healthcare at Stockholm Science City

By: Jason Hill

Vertical's CEO Kenneth Salonius sheds light on Nordic healthcare challenges, addressing shifts driven by demographics, digitalization, and value-based care in a seminar hosted by Stockholm Science City.

Kenneth Salonius, CEO and co-founder of Vertical, addresses the critical challenges and evolving trends in the Nordic healthcare systems. Kenneth recently shared his expertise at Stockholm Science City’s seminar “How are the Nordic healthcare systems changing and how can the industry adapt”. 

According to Kenneth there are several major challenges facing the Nordic healthcare systems, such as: 

  1. Aging population/demographics play against our healthcare models, which were established in a different era. 
  2. Finding balance and building stronger patient flows between social and healthcare services. 
  3. Creating functional incentives for the transition to preventive care models. 
  4. Effective integration of digital technologies as a solution to e.g., resource challenges, instead of nice-to-have add-ons. 
  5. Regulation enabling the effective use of digital technologies in healthcare.  
  6. Lack of sharing of best practices and adaptation of models that have been proven to work elsewhere. 
  7. Outdated leadership practices. 

Kenneth emphasizes the keys to successful collaboration: clear communication to build trust, setting shared goals, and a practical focus on solving specific issues. He advocates bringing value to healthcare providers through tools like self-measuring solutions. Finally, he underscores the need for perseverance, stating that success requires ongoing dedication beyond financial quarters. 

For a deeper dive into Kenneth’s insights, read the full article on Stockholm Science City’s website 

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