Klaus Tamminen’s vision for healthcare management

By: Jason Hill

In a recent insightful conversation with Klaus Tamminen, he shared his perspective on healthcare management and what he envisioned bringing to the table if he had such a role with us.


Klaus Tamminen, Head of Medical Affairs at AstraZeneca, focuses on fostering achievement by genuine care and proactive development and his approach serves as a model for leadership in the medical field.

Nurturing success through employee care and development

Tamminen’s managerial approach revolves around a central theme – nurturing success through caring for employees and facilitating their development. He highlighted shortcomings in the willingness to care for staff and provide opportunities for growth. The importance of understanding how teams collaborate within hospitals became evident, and Tamminen stressed the significance of making employee development plans, a crucial management skill often overlooked. His message was clear: success is intertwined with a management style that prioritizes helping and showing genuine concern for others, emphasizing that both managers and staff are sailing in the same boat. 

Embracing change and leading with courage

Tamminen’s insights extend beyond day-to-day management tasks; he encourages leaders to view changes, whether through comprehensive reforms or smaller shifts, as opportunities for the young and inexperienced to step into leadership roles. In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, he emphasizes the need for leaders with a hunger for the future, bravely seeking contact, building networks, and, above all, having  a desire to lead change. According to Tamminen, bravery is not only expected but also a requirement for effective leadership in a time of constant and rapid change. 

Klaus Tamminen’s vision for healthcare management centers around three key pillars: people management, leadership values and the crucial aspect of taking care of and valuing staff. In a sector where the public staff is often undervalued, Tamminen’s emphasis on caring leadership stands out. The key takeaway is a reminder of the importance of valuing and nurturing your staff, recognizing their role in the success of healthcare organizations. We are forced to reconsider how we manage healthcare, encouraging a culture of bravery, empathy, and proactive change adaptation.


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