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Vertical facilitated the validation of smart construction between KONE and two startups – Kaltiot and Sixgill. Two pilots were conducted, one in Finland and one in Malaysia.


We want to accelerate our open innovation efforts to co-create new innovations with start-ups. Together with them, we want to find long-terms mutual benefits in finding and creating new solutions to increase productivity at construction sites, and also to provide value-added to our customers. We want to find cutting edge technologies/products to further innovate people and material flow whilst increasing revenue and margins from customers.

We also, want to gain more out-of-the-box thinking and speed in the development of new ideas and experiences.


We proposed to create collaboration between KONE and Start-ups working on digitising the construction industry and smart supply chain management.

We leveraged KONE’s knowledge in people flow and its access to construction sites to offer to mature start-ups to create MVP’s at live construction sites that would help them innovate in the material flow and “smart” technology implementation in construction.


KONE has been able to validate some assumptions made from prior market research and confidently move forward with its investment in the creation of new value-added service for its customers.

KONE collaboration readiness assessment has served as a firm ground for the project strategy and planning. A marketing campaign to promote KONE’s Open Innovation effort has led to broad awareness and response in innovator ecosystems.

longlisted startups screened in smart constructions
collaboration roadmaps for Sixgill & Kaltiot
on-site MVP validation pilots in Finland and Malaysia

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