Rapid Tampere is Your Growth Partner in Collaborative Innovation

Rapid Tampere Helps Your Enterprise with:


Preparing your organization for collaboration with startups, growth companies and SMEs. 

Co-creation to define strategic business areas to pursue with new solutions and services.


Scouting innovative solutions from target countries and domains.

Evaluation of “best-fit” companies for co-creation with your organization.

Multi-stakeholder project facilitation and rapid prototyping of new solutions.


De-risking your investment into new solution development through state of the art processes and tools. 

Past Collaborations

Sandvik Test Mine is looking for partners to develop a cutting-edge e-learning ecosystem for the most challenging industrial settings.

Sandvik Test Mine is looking for partners to develop a cutting-edge e-learning ecosystem for the most challenging industrial settings. The first use-case is safety training, while the platform is built in a scalable way with options for plug-ins.

Sandvik  Mining and Rock Technology is the leader in digitalization within the mining industry. The developed solution needs to meet the high digitization standards set by the organization.

Sandvik Test Mine is looking for partners that can bring validated solutions for the consumption of e-learning content, adapt and develop their existing platform to the needs of a mining environment, and design the learning journey to fit the end-user needs.

Disruptive and advanced technologies for the consumption of the e-learning content and the scalability and ease of integration of the platform are a strong advantage.

Preferred Partner Validation Stage
Piloted, End-user / Client validated solutions

Learning platforms, AR / VR / XR, IoT, E-learning content creators, Learning Management Systems

Capabilities and capacity to provide long-term support
Exemplary user experience and design

Value Proposition from Sandvik
A successful Pilot project to be implemented in day-to-day use in the test mine
Long-term development & support agreement

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Collaboration on Extending Human Capacity with Valmet

Valmet is looking for innovative solutions that help increase human capability in heavy working environments. By bringing in solutions such as exoskeletons or robotics, we want to make physical work easier, as well as reduce physical stress on the body.

The end-users of these solutions would be industrial workers, doing manual work which involves heavy lifting.

Our ideal match is a solution that either enhances human physique, or replaces the need for lifting in the first place.

We are looking for solutions that are:

  • Cutting-edge robotics and easy to deploy
  • Proven to work in at least indoors facilities

Bonus attributes, not required:

  • Solutions that enable both manual and remote control

Our ideal startup has skills in

  • Robotics
  • Safety
  • Customer centricity

Our ideal startup:

  • Has a ready PoC or MVP
  • If exoskeleton solution, understands human safety and wellbeing

Why work with Valmet:

  • Potential for wide deployment of product – both for Valmet and Valmet customers
  • We do not want to manufacture robotic solutions ourselves, but are willing to partner with an innovative startup

Apply if you have solutions to one of the following:

  • Robotics
  • Wearable robotics
  • Exoskeletons
  • Health & wellbeing monitoring

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Collaboration on Man Meets Machine with Kalmar

Kalmar wants to improve safety in automated environments. By bringing innovative, human-centric design to the early stages of automation solution planning, we can create a safer working environment for people around the globe.

The end-users of the products we are creating are cargo-handling equipment operators, remote operators and people entering the cargo handling terminals.

Our ideal match is a solution highly usable for situational awareness of the machine driver, as well as other people at ports and terminals, in order to avoid accidents.


We are looking for solutions that are:

  • Integratable with our current systems
  • Scalable across our different departments and locations

Bonus attributes, not required:

  • Profitable
  • Unique solutions

Our ideal startup has skills in:

  • Concept design
  • Human behaviour
  • Safety
  • Human-centric technology development

Our ideal startup:

  • Is born global
  • Has a ready concept or PoC
  • Can take a PoC from paper to real environment


Why work with Kalmar:

  • Big market – every 4th container in the world is handled by Kalmar equipment
  • The leader in container terminal automation
  • Kalmar promotes openness in the industry – excellent reference case
  • In the case of a successful project, continuation in forms of joint R&D, a long-term partnership or a purchase agreement


Apply if you have applicable solutions to one of the following:

  • How to improve situational awareness of the machine driver in ports and terminals in order to avoid accidents.
  • Safety regulations and responsibilities of humans should be considered in design.
  • What kind of new possibilities we can get with the help of M2M, H2M and M2H communication.

Longer-term goals:

  • Safety in mixed traffic cases: manual traffic and pedestrians crossing the path of automated machines

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Data Enrichment to Understand Customer Needs with Caruna

Caruna wants to get a closer understanding of what their customers want. By bringing in new streams of data from for example retail, we want to create more holistic yet accurate customer segments, providing better services for customers around Finland.

The end-users of Caruna’s grid are consumers in South, Southwest and West Finland, as well as the city of Joensuu, the sub-region of Koillismaa and Satakunta.

Our ideal match is a solution that enables bringing in data from new streams, as well as helps us understand and predict consumer needs.


We are looking for solutions that are:

  • Integratable with our current systems
  • Scalable across our entire business

Bonus attributes, not required:

  • Profitable
  • Unique solutions

Our ideal startup has skills in

  • Deep level consumer engagement
  • Human behaviour
  • Data analytics

Our ideal startup:

  • Has a ready PoC or validated concept
  • Has capacity to discover new data streams
  • Can apply PoC to practice
  • Can provide service after deployment


Why work with Caruna:

  • Unique partner in electricity distribution – operates a network of 680 000 consumers
  • Scalability of the pilot project – from testing in a small area to deploying nationwide
  • In the case of a successful project, a possibility for a long-lasting service/consulting agreement


Apply if you have solutions to one of the following:

  • Discovering new data streams
  • Solutions to help understand consumer behaviour
  • Data-based predictions
  • Segmenting consumers based on criteria such as age, wealth, consumption and value

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