Samsung gathered 6000 developers in San Francisco to learn about the opportunities to work with them. Vertical was invited as a best-case example to showcase the open innovation approach in healthcare that Samsung Nordics and Vertical have built together over the past three years.

Last week we had the unique opportunity to join Samsung Developers Conference, an annual event organized by Samsung in San Francisco. This year the event gathered a record number of 6 000 developers from all over the world.

Open innovation and voice control in focus
Two things were echoed strongly throughout the entire event: open innovation and voice control.
At the event Samsung made it clear, they have a very strong open innovation agenda. Samsung clearly communicated that they want to work with startup companies and developers to bring new value-adding services to market.

I have been using Google Home for a year, and it has become a natural user interface for controlling features of my home such as lights and music. Another convenient environment for voice control is the car, where it can allow the safer use of the smartphone. However, in the future, we are going to see more advanced solutions, and Samsung is taking a step in that direction by opening up an SDK (Software Development Kit, i.e. a tool to program) for Bixby, their voice control solution. This will allow anyone to develop new features and services using Samsung’s voice control solutions. Being such an intuitive user interface, voice control is going to become very prevalent in healthcare and we will see the number of available solutions rising steadily over the years to come.

Showcasing innovative healthcare solutions

The event gave visitors an opportunity to explore a vast amount of opportunities Samsung offer, both internally and externally with collaborators. Vertical was invited to join the event to showcase and share the best practices we have built over the past three years for open innovation in health and wellness. With us, we brought four of our startup companies at various stages of development, from prototypes to commercial products. The two days were filled with demos, we had a constant flow of individuals interested in trying out the solutions and understanding more about the opportunity to work with Samsung.


Practigame (Fall program 2016)

Practigame complements traditional healthcare education methods with safe and cost-effective simulation environments. By using engaging gaming elements in virtual simulations and integrating the clinical reasoning process into the game mechanics, the company enhances the development of clinical reasoning and offers meaningful learning experiences.


Better Day (Fall program 2016)

Better Day combines immersive virtual reality environments with therapy for seniors, freeing them from physical constraints in a virtual environment and taking them to places they want to visit while carrying out cognitive and physical training.



IISCI (Fall program 2017)

IISCI develops rehabilitation services for post-stroke patients, based on proven AI and AR technologies.


Bryom (Spring program 2016)

Bryom turns smartwatches into personal safety systems. The goal is to replace and complement existing elderly care wearables, sensors and devices with a single nice looking smartwatch that is readily available.


Want to work with Samsung or one of our other partners?  Applications to the Vertical Spring 2018 program are open until 10.12.2017.  Read more and apply here.