Pharmaceutical companies developing drugs spend billions of euros for new efficient drug development, and yet many drugs still seem to be not as efficient as they should be. Why so?

Did you know that even one pill can lead to life-changing, if not a life-threatening consequence? But we don’t need to go far and look for cases where serious medication requires very careful medication adherence. The same problem affects millions of women around the world, taking their birth control pills. It is no doubt, that stress related to unwanted pregnancy is quite prevalent among young women (and men). But according to statistics, even today, with the most advanced preventative measures possible, “over a 3 year time period the risk for unintended pregnancy with typical use is over 24x greater than with consistent, perfect use” (1).

What about pill reminders or pillboxes, which seems to be the most popular solution in the market? Usually, pillboxes lack an automated reporting system. And when it comes to a multitude of apps – they utilize notification and reminders as the way to solve the issue. The problem arises when sometimes these notifications get ignored or lost in many other notifications. Too many reminders can create a reminder fatigue, a phenomenon that often renders smartphone alarms and pill reminder apps ineffective. Apart from that, how do we know that the person who noticed a notification and took an action to swipe it away did take a pill?

Luckily, there is already a solution answering these needs and managing being discreet while helping to take pills on time. For example, Popit from Finland specializes in medication adherence and solves this problem in an unusual way. They produce a smart clip which can be attached to a pill blister and track every time the pill has been extracted from a pallet. If the pill has been taken, information is automatically recorded to the cloud, and in case if the pill has been missed, personalized notification finds it’s way through.


Popit’s system is maximally discreet and makes sure the reminders only when you miss a pill. This way it reduces the reminders fatigue and results in a higher adherence rate. The effectiveness of the solution has been tested in Kuopio University Hospital in Finland and it has proven to reduce missed pills by over 80%, Popit Sense makes sure your medication works as intended

Satisfied users speak better than dry statistics. Rebecca has been using Popit for a few weeks now and claims it has improved her adherence rate. She says, “I no longer worry about missing my pills. Popit is like your personal caretaker who knows when you miss your pills and alerts you immediately.”



It is very encouraging to see how a novel take on an old problem can have such a big impact. If the adherence improvement we’ve now seen would be deployed on a bigger scale, it would have a major impact on treatment outcomes worldwide“, says MD Janne Sahlman, who headed the study.

Johanna uses Popit to stay on track with her medication. She says, “It’s so much easier to stay on track with my meds now. I get to see my pill history, next scheduled dose, and get reminded only when I forget to take the pills.”

Popit is supporting two new research studies in the fields of cardiology and diabetes to further investigate if the improvements can be expanded to other types of medications as well (2). This year  Popit went through a Vertical program in collaboration with Samsung, where it received a support in the business development and got access to new clients, who might be helping Popit to expand in the Nordics, where it will be multi-platform compliant.


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