1. Approach

We start with getting to know you and figure out exactly what your needs are. This gives us the right level of insight into your expectations and helps us better understand how to drive your business forward.

During this stage we interview key stakeholders, analyse your processes and examine the Startup readiness of the organisation to build our strategic approach.

2. Campaign

Once the approach has been set, we can apply it to marketing. Following our marketing strategy for Startup scouting activities, we determine the best way to promote the call for applicant submissions.

We activate our networks and databases to engage with the most suitable Startups, doing our best to ensure that the right Startups submit their business proposals.

3. Shortlist

By this stage, we’ve generated between 150-300 business proposal submissions from over 40 countries. After screening the generated deal-flow, the most promising teams enter the first short list after interview.

The second screening involves a more thorough assessment of the venture and its value proposition. The very best teams are then invited to a selection event to make the final decision.

4. Innovate

Once we’ve made our selection of Startups, we run a 3-4 month collaboration program to turn the proposals into projects.

Our dedicated full-time resources and 200+ world-class mentors ensure that the collaborations between Startups and partners develop successfully. We follow a four-step process to offer economies of scale and efficiency, concluding with MVP delivery.

5. Progress

Looking forward, we can provide further support in launching the prototypes and establishing a permanent collaboration model between Startups and partners.