Quiz style game about relationships. Might sound like a 90’s TV quiz show or program at a wedding, but the team behind Happy Couple app knows better.

No app guides you to a successful, sustainable and healthy intimate relationship.  Happy Couple has been designed to do exactly that through a fun quiz-style game that facilitates a couple’s knowledge of one another and by offering tips and activities that foster communication and build intimacy”, Julien Robert (right in the picture), the CEO and founder of Happy Couple explains.

Happy Couple is an app that enables couples to deepen their relationship through an interactive quiz-style game that is accompanied by daily tips and challenges. “The app is designed to inspire intimacy and trust, feed curiosity, and spark passion”, Robert says. Day by day, partners learn more about each other as they reveal themselves in safe, simple ways.

In addition to measuring partners knowledge of  the other, the app’s algorithm calculates scores on similarities in interests, sexual preferences, values around parenting, money management, and a variety of life goals. “It then pinpoints appropriate tips and challenges that are targeted to the individual player”, Robert tells.

Hacking the code of relationship

Robert came up with the idea for Happy Couple after meeting his American girlfriend on Tinder. “I had already experienced a few failed relationships and I wanted to figure out how to make this one work. I wanted to find a way to hack the code for a sustainable relationship”, Robert says.

Robert is a Software Engineer & Serial Entrepreneur, and the founder at citizenside.com. The CMO of the company is Arnaud Le Mérour (left in the picture), former Digital and Marketing Manager in Media and Trade industries, and a passionate gamer. “I had worked with  Arnaud on a past project and knew we had complementary skills”, Robert says.

Julien found the 3rd founder and Director of Happy Couple Content Dr. Lonnie Barbach while on a trip to San Francisco.  “Dr. Barbach is a couple’s therapist and author of international best-sellers on sex and relationships. She brings this expertise to the game’s content”, Robert says.

“Happy Couple is not online therapy”, describes Dr. Barbach. “It’s a modern way to create healthier and happier relationships that result naturally as the couple plays our game together.”

Up to speed at Vertical

Happy Couple is one of the Vertical Fall 2015 Batch startups, and applied for the program last summer. “Vertical was offering a quality program with high caliber lectures and mentors in an area that was a perfect fit for Happy Couple: Health and Happiness. In addition, the accelerator has been able to introduce us to world class VCs at the perfect stage of our development – just as we were about ready to launch!” Robert says.

During the Vertical program Happy Couple team has got a chance to step back and see the whole picture. “We are now better able to create a really solid foundation for the app before we begin accelerating”, Robert tells. “The classes and personal mentoring have been invaluable in addition to the numerous opportunities for collaboration that have opened up to us as a result of the program.”

Next the team is looking forward to introducing the app to app stores. “We are planning to be in the app stores this November and to raise the money to finance our go-to-market in Europe and the US before Valentine’s Day”, Robert says.

Happy Couple is currently available for Android on Google Play, and in beta for other platforms on www.happycouple.co. Follow Happy Couple on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on the relationship app!