We are looking for ambitious teams that are ready for the next step. You should come armed with a proven concept that requires support for growth, scalability and business proposals. That’s when we come in.

We offer startups the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names out there, including Samsung, Fazer and Folkhälsan. We’ll be there every step of the way in getting you ready for business collaboration all the way up until the actual delivery. And it’s all for free. No fee, no equity.

As well as having the opportunity to work with the world’s game-changers, you will also have access to our 200+ industry expert mentor network and free co-working space at the biggest startup hub in the Nordics, for six months. And at the end of the program, we could potentially invest…

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Startups that have passed through our doors



Auntie is your mental wellbeing partner: easy – early – inexpensive – empowering.

Contact: Mervi Lamminen, CEO

Country: Finland

5th Corner Inc.


Sustainable routines for balance & Performace: YOU helps knowledge workers reduce stress and achieve a balanced state of high performance by building new routines. Our behavioral learning programs consist of personalized micro-actions, digital micro-nudging, and light coaching.

Contact: Nelli Såger, CEO

Country: Finland



Machine Learning techniques specifically designed for high-dimensionality biomedical data to find the complex interactive patterns hidden in such ‘wide’ data: identify superior biomarkers for patient stratification, drug targets genetically linked to the disease.

Contact: Marco Schmidt,Co-CEO

Country: Germany



Remember to take your pill.

Contact: Timo Heikkilä, CIO

Country: Finland

Sidekick Health


The Social Health Game Improving health the fun way! We help providers and employers deliver quality lifestyle change programs that promote health and tackle chronic diseases.

Contact: Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, CEO

Country: Germany



One platform to power sensored device applications for the Internet of Everything.

Contact: Adam Phillips, VP Business Development

Country: USA



Track your assets using your existing infrastructure with no base station installations, utilize your workforce mobile phones with affordable Bluetooth BLE beacons.

Contact: Ville Heikkila, VP Sales & Co-founder

Country: Finland



Aladin® allows the elderly to remain independent longer by detecting early signs of illness and reducing falls.

Contact:  Céline Bertin, Marketing Manager

Country: France

Gonio VR


Gonio VR is a physiotherapeutic Virtual Reality (VR) rehabilitation tool that performs precise joint measurements and helps patients with their rehabilitation.

Contact: Jesper Aggergaard, CEO

Country: Denmark


Round 2017 / 2


Our Identity-based Communication stack provides a convenient and intuitive user experience, improves security and reduces time-to-market. Things, apps and users get digital identities, which are forming social relations for secure communication and a distributed trust framework.

Contact: Kristian Backström, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 2


Automating clinical pathways in surgery

Contact: Jussi Määttä, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 2

CollectiveCrunch collects’ technical, climate and geo data to ‘crunch’ these data for deeper insight and prediction. We see technical data in the context of climate data and predict key parameters based in Machine Learning algorithms. Fields of activity include Smart Forestry and Logistics.

Contact: Rolf Schmitz, CEO

Country: Finland

Intelligence and Innovation Science (IISCI)

Round 2017 / 2


Intelligence and Innovation Science, Inc. has developed and introduces a completely new technology for restoring motor skills: combining biomechanics, machine learning, neuroscience, VR and computer graphics.

Contact: Georgiy Tokunov, CEO

Country: Russia


Round 2017 / 2


Easy path to improved well being and performance

Contact: Taneli Rantala, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 2


The circular economy platform for the built environment.

Contact: Terry Clarke, CEO

Country: UK


Round 2017 / 2


Secure white-label chat for large enterprises. Web/Mobile/Apps/Facebook

Contact: Ville Mujunen, CEO

Country: Finland

SEP Solutions Onni

Round 2017 / 2


We’re a Finnish startup with an award-winning, ready consumer product. Babies don’t come with manuals

Contact: Erasmus van Niekerk, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 2


Sulapac brings solutions to the global plastic waste problem with biodegradable packaging innovation.

Sulapac combines luxury, sustainability, and unlimited design possibilities. Sulapac packages can be manufactured using injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding techniques. Sulapac has comparable properties to plastics and by using Sulapac barrier coatings water, oil, and oxygen barrier properties can be further improved.

Contact: Perttu Sorsa, Sales Director

Country: Finland

Top Data Science

Round 2017 / 2


Advanced and highly scalable data analytics and image analysis solutions based on self-learning artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. Cloud based and on-premise solutions.

Contact: Timo Heikkinen, CEO

Country: Finland

Trä Kronor

Round 2017 / 2


Master builders in construction and renovation in Finland.

Contact: Micke Paqvalén, Group CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 2


Transformative’s monitoring software predicts sudden cardiac arrest minutes in advance by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and novel analysis techniques employed at CERN.

Contact: Marek Sirendi, CEO

Country: UK/Estonia


Round 2017 / 2


Visionarity, a Swiss company founded in 2012, offers digital solutions to help stakeholders of the health care system to control costs, to digitize the customer relationship and to engage people in an healthier lifestyle

Contact: Kolja Rafferty, CEO

Country: Switzerland/Spain


Round 2017 / 1


AI-assisted mobile diagnostic search tool as a starting point for self-assessing one’s condition to determine care need and next steps.

Contact: Thomas Grandell, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 2


Well-being SaaS software that helps organizations reduce healthcare costs

Contact: Roger del Sol Maso, CEO

Country: Spain


Round 2017 / 1


Tracker for seniors with an alert button, that can measure and process not only some medical data, but also a stress level of a human.

Contact: Illia Kukharenko

Country: USA / Ukraine

Vital Metrix

Round 2017 / 1


Vital Metrix provides data to your cardiologist that helps her better treat your congestive heart failure to keep you out of the hospital. Our product is a non-invasive at home monitoring for congestive heart failure.

Contact: Alton Reich, CEO

Country: USA


Round 2017 / 1


Hockey training robot capable of passing and shooting pucks with its own intellect. It is equipped with stereocameras that analyze players position, movement and speed- carrying out activities accordingly. This data also is used to provide feedback about the performance and progress of the player, for example, save percentage.

Contact: Martins Marenis, CEO

Country: Latvia


Round 2017 / 1


XIMI is an augmented reality application that uses cognitive intelligence and gamification to solve loneliness problem for elderly people.

Contact: Luis Curvelo, CEO & Co-founder

Country: Portugal


Round 2017 / 1


Software making mass customization of digital prosthetics and orthotics possible through automation, AI and 3D printing.

Contact: Janis Jatnieks, CEO

Country: Latvia

Via Esca

Round 2017 / 1


We help changing eating habits by bringing home food delivery based on body measurements (activity, sleep and nutrition)

Contact: Tuomas Treinilä, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 1


P2P support network for patients with severe illness, linking them with close ones, doctors and other patients in similar situations enabling an easy way to get and provide help in everyday tasks.

Contact: Carita Savin, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2017 / 1


B2B cloud ECG processing platform with predictive scoring ECG algorithms that help to prevent heart diseases.

Contact: Anna Starynska, CEO

Country: UK


Round 2017 / 1


Small clinical grade spirometer with a mobile service that enables users to quantify and track their acute asthma attacks.

Contact: Teemu Juutilainen, CEO

Country: Finland

BetterDay Innovation

Round 2016 / 2


We incorporate immersive Virtual Reality environment to therapy for seniors freeing their vision out of the building and taking them to places they want to visit.

Contact: Yina Ye, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 2


Interactive health visualization.Scalable and customizable health tool platform via API for hospitals, health care, sport and wellness providers.

Contact: Timo Kettunen, CEO & Founder

Country: Finland

Effectus Labs

Round 2016 / 2


Human sweat is a precious resource of information marginally exploited. An accurate estimate of sweat volume and rate provide an indication of human body fluid imbalance and the prevention of de-hydration and hyponatremia. Effectus is developing an end to end solution consisting of affordable , not invasive sweat sensors. Typical applications include health and sports devices.

Contact: Simone Severini

Country: Italy

Enigma Biotech

Round 2016 / 2


Optical chip able to track and analyse vital health markers through a laser based technology to enable painless, non-contact blood analysis methods. Bringing this technology to market in a wearable form factor is our first step. Pro athletes require frequent lactate tests to improve training and track progress. We’re building an in-ear device to measure lactate during training.

Contact: Oğuzhan Mete Öztürk, CEO & Founder

Country: Turkey

DoctorPrice -Lääkärihinta

Round 2016 / 2


Healthcare prices are non-transparent and unpredictable.
Our web service empowers the patient to compare both the price & quality of healthcare services. Additionally, we offer a comparable price estimate based on symptom or illness together with medical information on the subject, written by a medical expert.

Contact: Kristian Ahlers, CEO & Co-founder

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 2


Current diabetes treatments aren´t personalized enough, administering insulin involves calculating the doses, is unintuitive and relies on invasive techniques such as safe injections or pumps
Our algorithm in the cloud analyzes the information provided by 3rd party sensors, It predicts future glucose levels and it helps being aware of all the important information around that number. (+APP as UX)

Contact: Eduardo W. Jorgensen de Vizcarrondo, CEO

Country: Spain


Round 2016 / 2


Nairoby develops a monolithic thermoplastic snowboard. This final product can be recycled and transformed into reusable raw material to build new products.

Contact: Sebastián Rosenfeld, CMO & Co-founder

Country: Argentina


Round 2016 / 2


Classroom lecturing is expensive and learning methods need improvement.
Our main product, CareMe platform, enables safe and cost effective learning for healthcare professionals. By using engaging gaming elements in virtual simulations and integrating the clinical reasoning process into game mechanics, can enhance the development of clinical reasoning and offer meaningful learning experiences.

Contact: Jaana-Maija Koivisto, CEO & Co-founder

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 2


RICA is a self learning IoT solution to improve the peace of mind of caregivers to the alone living elderly.

Contact: Matthias Riedel, CEO & Co-founder

Country: Germany


Round 2016 / 2


In order to practice outdoor activities, you need the right equipment and this can be very expensive. Bringing the equipment from home is a real problem, it’s quite difficult to find reliable information about the renting activities nearby. It is almost impossible to find information about the best spots.

Sharewood is a marketplace which is aimed at connecting owners of outdoor equipment with travellers.

Contact: Piercarlo Mansueto, CEO & Founder

Country: Italy


Round 2016 / 1


Chino.io offers digital health app developers a secure and EU privacy law compliant backend.

Contact: Jovan Stenovich, CEO

Country: Italy


Round 2016 / 1


Kcalmar develops a marketplace connecting dieticians with patients in Poland. The system fully covers the needs of the supply side and demand side of nutrition services market.

Contact: Pawel Bartoszek, CEO

Country: Poland

Near Real

Round 2016 / 1


Near Real provides a secure, high-quality, and low-cost solution for eHealth service providers who want to provide their services on demand via Internet.

Contact: Jari Heikkinen, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 1


Newolo develops online tools and an app to help anyone with life’s challenges.

Contact: Philippe Santraine, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 1


OPTUS develops and markets a customizable telehealth and analytics platform.

Contact: Pontus Bergmark, COO & Co-founder

Country: Hong Kong


Round 2016 / 1


Bryom turns smartwatches into a personal safety system replacing most elderly care wearables, devices and sensors with a single nice looking smart watch

Contact: Mikael Frank, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 1


EHO stands for active life. Developing connected apparel, they encourage people to master body motion for better training and recovery process.

Contact: Austris Vasilevskis, CEO

Country: Latvia

We did it

Round 2016 / 1


We Did It is the world’s first mobile tool for active couples therapy. It helps couples solve problems in a totally new way, by themselves without books, lectures or therapy session.

Contact: Peeter Lange, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2016 / 1


YuScale app and online service determines the nutritional composition of a complete meal – in particular carbohydrates for diabetics. Simple, secure and fast.

Contact: Kim Kreutz, CEO

Country: Germany

Aid One

Round 2015 / 1


Aid One helps bystanders to have the confidence to be lifesavers with the Aid One Cover.

Contact: Maud Bocquillod, CTO & Co-founder

Country: Finland

Happy Couple

Round 2015 / 1


Happy Couple provides a fun quiz-style app to facilitate communication between partners and tips to help create more satisfying relationships.

Contact: Julien Robert, CEO

Country: France/USA


Round 2015 / 1


Minduu connects customers with the right mental health professionals.

Contact: Henri Valvanne, CEO & Founder

Country: Finland


Round 2015 / 1


Fjuul fitness tracker app uses a simple metric called Fjuul Points, it shows how intense your daily activities have been.

Contact: Sascha Wischek, CEO

Country: Finland


Round 2015 / 1


Funzi is a mobile learning service that delivers skills and competencies with impactful pedagogy and measurable learning outcomes.

Contact: Aape Pohjavirta, Chief Evangelist & Co-founder

Country: Finland


Round 2015 / 1


Pedius is a communication service that allows phone calls for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Contact: Lorenzo Di Ciaccio, CEO

Country: Italy


Round 2015 / 1


Miils helps people plan their healthy weekly meals and order them to their doorstep. Miils personalizes every meal option by showing how they fulfil the daily nutrient needs of the user and how they fit to user´s diet. Users can also view and compare the carbon footprint of the meals and make sustainable choices.

Contact: Katja Ratamaki, CEO & Founder

Country: Finland


Round 2015 / 1


INTACT produces a device to help visually impaired to use a computer.

Contact: Nicholas Caporusso, CEO

Country: Italy


Round 2015 / 1


Heimo is a mental well-being community where people can help each other.

Contact: Jarno Alastalo, CEO

Country: Finland

Nordic Hug

Round 2015 / 1


Nordic Hug produces the first professional grade cleaners and disinfectants for touch screens.

Contact: Dmitry Genin, CEO

Country: Finland