We at Vertical, Finnish health startup accelerator, are on a constant watch for the next big thing in digital health, wellbeing & sports. 

By far, this is application period was one of the most exciting for us and we were overwhelmed with a huge number of high-quality applications.  All together we’ve received more than 260 applications from 53 countries. In the upcoming spring batch we will have ten teams from seven different countries and for the first time a team from Northern America. Together with our partners, Samsung, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Fazer, Mariachi and others, they will be revolutionising digital health as we know it.

We are sure that this might be the first time you hear these names, but it won’t be the last. Without further ado, here are the awesome startups of Vertical Spring 2017 Batch:



AI-assisted mobile diagnostic search tool as a starting point for self-assessing one’s condition to determine care need and next steps.

CradiolyseUK / Ukraine

Cardiolyse is a new era in the prevention of lifestyle-driven heart diseases. The first cloud solution which takes EKG data beyond the current diagnostic focus and provides monitoring, supporting a lifestyle change. 


Vital Metrix, USA

Vital Metrix provides data to your cardiologist that helps her better treat your congestive heart failure to keep you out of the hospital

Emotion, Ukraine 

Tracker for seniors with an alert button, that can measure and process not only some medical data, but also a stress level of a human.

Healthzed, Finland

A combination of small clinical grade spirometer with a mobile service that enables users to quantify and track their acute asthma attacks.

WIDE, Latvia

WIDE software has made mass customization of digital prosthetics and orthotics possible through automation, AI and 3D printing.

Via Esca, Finland

Helping to change eating habits by bringing home food delivery based on body measurements (activity, sleep and nutrition).

Ximi by Compta, Portugal

XIMI is an augmented reality application that uses cognitive intelligence and gamification to solve loneliness problem for elderly people.

Huoleti/Don’t U Worry, Finland

DontUworry provides peer support network for patients, another network for close ones and an easy way to get and provide help in everyday tasks.

Winmill, Latvia

Winmill helps every athlete reach his full potential. The current user case is a revolutionary hockey training robot, that is capable of passing and shooting pucks with its own intellect. It is equipped with stereo-cameras that analyze players position, movement and speed- carrying out activities accordingly. 



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