Navigating challenges in healthcare leadership: Insights from Kaisa Hakkarainen

By: Jason Hill

Leadership in healthcare is associated with many challenges, and it takes more than just medical expertise to succeed as a leader. We recently had the opportunity to hear Kaisa Hakkarainen’s thoughts about the importance of career management in healthcare at the Synapsi kick-off event.


Kaisa Hakkarainen is a Client Manager at Keva, Finland’s largest pension provider, and her insights shed light on how open communication and personalized development plans can improve healthcare leadership issues.

The importance of open communication

“In the context of career management, as in perhaps all forms of people management, it is essential to establish an environment characterized by open communication and a culture of transparent discourse”. Hakkarainen emphasizes the need for open communication, taking into account each person’s goals. Creating a space where individuals can share their goals, challenges, and aspirations not only empowers them, but also strengthens team dynamics. 

Personalized career and skill plans

Hakkarainen promotes the possibility of creating individualized career and skill plans: “At the point when individuals begin employment, a personalized career plan and a plan for skills development should be constructed for each person, starting from the onboarding process”. These plans, which should be evaluated annually, can improve personal development and support from supervisors in accomplishing individual professional goals, so that each individual can progress towards their own career aspirations.

Competent leadership is vital in healthcare. The role of a leader is demanding, especially considering the industry’s numerous challenges that demand effective management. Healthcare leaders not only need medical knowledge but also strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Kaisa Hakkarainen emphasizes career management and supportive leadership as the keys to becoming a good workplace leader. In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Kaisa Hakkarainen’s insights remind us to reflect on our own leadership style and inspire us to break the old models of bad management by working together towards better leadership. 


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