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Over the years we have perfected the art of collaborative innovation. With us, you and your strategic partners can achieve faster validation and growth. We are looking for the next big thing in these projects and areas.

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Data-Driven Solutions for Radiation Therapy

Varian has been closely following the rapid evolution of AI and ML  in application to oncology. We have a firm foot in radiation treatment planning and delivery and with your help want to encompass wider range of treatment-related services.

Innovative Patient Solutions

With the aim of promoting good health in every way, Pfizer works to help patients with life-long illnesses. Pfizer aims to create a rounded support system for chronic patients that will go beyond the pill and support a person 365 days a year.

Rapid Tampere

Vertical, together with Eversheds Sutherland, supported by Business Tampere, is looking for outstanding teams to work together with industrial companies in the Tampere region.