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Here are some of the companies that have sped through innovation to reach new growth streams with us.
Case Studies

Smart Construction

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, collaborated with a Finnish IoT startup, Kaltiot, and USA based startup, Sixgill, in the area of logistics and positioning at construction sites.


Revolution in Fashion & Textiles

VTT experts have kicked-off partnership negotiations with 9 companies in circular fashion. Some of the teams have an immediate interest in the running projects and some will apply with VTT for extended research and development funding.

Rapid Tampere

Vertical, together with Eversheds Sutherland, supported by Business Tampere, is looking for outstanding teams to work together with industrial companies in the Tampere region.

Innovative Patient Solutions

With the aim of promoting good health in every way, Pfizer works to help patients with life-long illnesses. Pfizer aims to create a rounded support system for chronic patients that will go beyond the pill and support a person 365 days a year.

Data-Driven Solutions for Radiation Therapy

Varian experts have kicked-off partnership negotiations with 6 companies in AI/ML and innovation for cancer treatment.
After a round of internal interest check Varian will reach out to some of these teams offering them to become a part of Varian Innovation Center.

Circular Economy

Stora Enso, a global renewable materials company, internally recruited 18 employees to work for 3 months with 6 startup companies. Their aim was to explore and work towards opportunities in the Circular Economy.


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